Sunday, April 26, 2009

A new haunt :-)

Seeing how my casual work has ended and most importantly, Oli came back from Perth, we decided to have a proper day out relaxing.

As Saturday was Anzac Day, we figured a lot of places would be closed so we decided to head straight to Springvale for breakfast.

Springvale is a Vietnamese suburb with lotsa Asian food and markets. So that means, lotsa shops open and in business despite public holidays, wintry cold weather and extreme windiness :-) I love Asian-ism.

Ever since working in that warehouse, I have had no chance to dress up and make up. So naturally, I woke up all agitated to paint my face silly :-D

But it is weird that this new fringe is making me look like I have single eyelids hmmm.

And everyone including my 24-hour aide WenJi told me that I looked skinnier after working. My face looks like it has sulken in or something. Well, it was a matter of 7.5 hours of standing and lifting every single day for 10 days.

It was so windy on that day that, after stepping out for less than 5 seconds to collect some laundry, my hair became like Rainie Yang's jellyfish head. Melbourne's weather is acting up again lately - super strong wind and extremely cold weather.
And instead of wearing the same pair of sport shoes everyday to work, I got to spare 5 minutes thinking of what shoes to wear before finally saying hello again to my sandals :-)

Oli came and picked me and Jess up to Springvale for Vietnamese noodle. Why? We were all craving for something hot, soupy and carbo-ey due to the cold weather. And also for something fast and accurate due to our extreme hunger.

How good was the noodle?
This GOOD only with the right company and right amount of girly gossip time :-)

Seeing how it was so cold and windy that very night, we went over to John's place nearby for some get-together and wine session. It was extremely enjoyable. Simple yet pleasant. John's house has a very good vibe to it. With its Victorian-esque wall paper and curtains and old-fashioned brown carpet, it looks like a vintage bar with a very nice fireplace. We have now a new hangout place. Haunt haunt haunt >:-)
Ray said at the end of the night, "You really love talking and can talk a lot, can't you?"

But the most amazing thing which captivated my attention was this old fashioned heater in John's living room.

You could literally see flame and the metal heating up in red! It was uber warm as well *stares at own electic fan heater*

It continued glowing redder and redder as the night went on making the room warmer and warmer. And the decision to go out into the cold to get back home harder and harder.

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