Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Body ache *cough cough* Paper cuts *cough cough* Back pain *cough cough*

And yes, I am just 22 years old *cough cough*

Today, I went to work for the first day as a casual support staff at a printing company. Almost 7 hours of standing and inhumane packing speed. It was quite fun considering it is located just behind my house and I am working with another 2 friends! Not forgetting that my boss is nice and young and kind and kinda cute. Oh and the pay is not bad. Not a bad deal at all, is it?

Thinking back, I have worked formally or informally quite little throughout my life.

My first ever job would be at Watson's Supermarket back at Mile 8, Sandakan. Since my Mum practically was there bringing that little market to life and continued to work there for the next 10 years, me and my Sis spent quite some time 'working' there.

Putting price tags on products even before the supermarket was officially open. Playing cashier to the point of both of us wanting to be cashiers in the future (we thought cashiers got to keep the money they accepted). Scooping kuachi for customers during Chinese New Year. Standing guard along supermarket aisles with lotsa children. Going on company trips together with my Mum. But those were the innocent days where Loretta Lo worked without pay.

My second job was helping my Auntie at her pharmacy at Mile 4. I bet everyone knows which one I am refering to. Duties included cleaning the storefront, standing guard when the shop is crowded, counting tablets for her, being cashier and showing customers where certain damn obvious products were.

I actually 'served' Puan Theresa while working there!!

For those who don't know who Puan Theresa is, let me explain using a few descriptive facts about her from a neutral point of view:

- She brings a rotan to our all-girl kelas jahitan but not to our boys-and-girls kelas akaun.
- She never smiles during our all-girl kelas jahitan but jokes during our boys-and-girls kelas akaun.

I was shocked to the max when I saw her in the shop. My aunt proceeded to introduce me as her niece and told her that I was there to learn. The next time she came over, she approached the counter in a hurry but as soon as she saw me there, she quickly turned away and asked someone else asked for my auntie instead. *Tears like running tap not on water restriction*

Anyway, I worked there for a bit more than a month including some Saturdays and the paycheck day finally came. My auntie gave me RM 250. At that time I thought, "Manyak-manyak duit oh!" But then my friends told me I should have gotten more and I felt a bit ripped off but swallowed it like bitter medicine cause she is my Aunt *sniffffff*

For my third job, the longest running one, I became a private tutor. Actually I did this only cause I was trying to avoid having to work for my Auntie. Yes, I deserve a slap with this money over family attitude sigh.

I continued doing this every single summer break from uni. I tutored my cousin Ivy then her sis Isis as well. I tutored an exchange student (my cousin haha) from Tawau and made her sit there after everyone left until she could spell 'watermelon' properly. The little brat was playing around with me being her usual silly cousin, but no one challenges Great Tutor Loretta. Muahaha.

The following years I tutored some other kids, ranging from primary school to secondary school. My favourite subject to teach were Biology and Additional Maths :-) Biology cause I love talking (and I know a lot muahaha) and Add Maths because I miss Maths (and I know enough to show off muahaha). But this job made me realize something about myself. Damn it, I could or can actually nod off while waiting for the kids to finish up something or even in the middle of explaining something! How scary. And embarassing. I wonder if any of them actually realized this? Worse still, if any of them is actually reading this!?

Eh, don't call me perasan or syok sendiri thinking that a lot of people read my blog. It is because none of you who are reading this right now actually comments or say anything while my Nuffnang account shows that I get quite a number of visits per week *hmph* Where are you faceless people T.T

My fourth job was helping out around Ideal Spot, the shop my Mum initially opened with two other partners. Duties included storefront management, customer service, inventory checking, cashier duties and entertaining my Mum. Pay? No pay no pay, with Miss Chin (my mum) you dare cakap pay meh? But I get to eat a lot in return.

There was this once when I met a junior from St. Michael. Erm, 3 years after graduation. And I asked her:

Me: Eh, do you remember me? You look so familiar.
Her: I dunno your name but you are a top student right?
Me: No la.

The point of this is: I was not a top student. So, she inferred that solely based on my appearance. Meaning I looked nerdy. I looked nerdy despite not being a top student. Sad mou. FML?

That is the end of my working history :-)

Gotta catch some sleep now! Working again tomorrow :-)

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