Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Shoujo power go!

My next mission: To participate in a Run. *Or Marathon (in tiny whisper)*

My inspiration being the Run for the Kids event organised by Herald Sun on the 5th of April. This was a fund-raising event for charity where around 30,000 runners participated either in the 14.1 km or 5.7 km course. Woo Hsian, being the President figure of all time, initiated this to everyone in our gang. And only Ray joined. Gasp? Hardly a gasp-able moment, isn't it?

Honestly, I had no confidence in my stamina and strength. So, instead I volunteered to become the photographer and cheerleader instead. Ray, WenJi and I departed early freezing morning to Flinders Station to see something quite amazing.

A long line of people walking towards the starting point like ants trailing towards a pot of golden honey. I have honestly never seen that many people near Flinders before. Not even during Moomba! You see runners of all kinds - the Colour-coordinated, the Branded, the Muscly, the Flinstone-themed, the Youngsters. The most amazing ones: Daddies or Mummies running with their babies in prams. Cuteness.

Although we were both non-runners, we were the important people or supporters behind the runners. Something like the sponsors *jeng jeng jeng* (Notice my Aaron Kwok hair coming out again, sulk) It was fun just being there. And when the race was starting, everyone rushed to get their place. Family and friends and even pets stayed at the sidelines, cheering and barking (lame?).

What was inspirational was actually this view of all the runners (this shot actually managed to capture only 1/4 of the crowd). Everyone having a common goal and everything having to do with charity. The vibe from the runners, their high spirits, the meaning behind this Run, the excitement in the air - more than inspirational. (The arrow is pointing at the two ants we sponsored).

I began this post by saying I had no confidence in my stamina and strength. I now end this post by saying I want to build up my stamina and strength.
Okay. It is not really the end of the post because since I did not run on that day, I had a lot going on with my other fellow non-runners in the city.

Started the day with none other than a Big Breakfast along Southbanks. I love Big. I love Variety. I love Meat.

. . . yeah, people like Me. Inspired people, haha.

After the race, all the runners were given grapes! The results were out since yesterday. The top male runner did the whole 14.1 km in approximately 42 minutes while the female winner completed it in approximately 45 minutes. Isn't that impressive? So impressed I am still that I still remember his name - Martin Dent and the female Olympic athlete (well, I am inclined to remembering things about guys). As for our sponsored runners, I will have to ask for permission before revealing :-)

Not allowing any time to rest, we proceeded to the Melbourne Flower and Garden Show.

There is something about flowers that makes a girl sweeeeeeeeeet. To you. To everyone. To the world. (Note this, guys)

There is also something about flowers that drives a girl to her own little or huge fantasyyyyyyyyy world. Ignoring you. Ignoring everyone. Ignoring the world.

Don't remember the name of this flower but Oli loved the colour combination here.
I so want to be like these two statues. Lying gracefully on a bed of flowers. Naked and rocking a hot body. Probably I will put a bikini on, nyahaha.

After browsing through the stalls outside, we entered the hall. It is the hall where students from Melbourne Uni take their exams and the hall which used to send a shudder to Eric.

And upon entering the hall, my girlish fantasies came alive full blast! I could literally see myself staring straight ahead, body straight with a flashlight shining from behind and mouth open gasping at the sight of. . . endless rows of beautiful flower decos!

These are called England or English Roses. I love the pale hue of pink.

These roses epitomize romance. I am utterly in love with this. Utterly.

Somewhere along the lines, did you actually guess any of my fantasies? No....?

Now, to the more creative and edgy ones. . .

These were designed and dressed by RMIT students.

Although I am not a big fan of Elmo (especially after the laughing ticklish Elmo came out), I thought this was extra cute. Notice that Elmo's nose was actually made out of a yellow rose in full bloom.
The most interesting part of the Alice in Wonderland deco. So sweet.

A guitar-ful of oranges! I dedicate this shot to Mr Stephen Chu. I dedicate all things guitar to him. This is you 2009 birthday present.

And more more MORE MORE FLOWERS xoxo.

I received a particularly sweet surprise as well. It was extra sweet probably because I was totally engulfed by my own fantasies or my eyes were shining with romance. I was in my own shoujo manga world, for goodness' sake!

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