Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter at Frankston Beach

If there is one thing I think every girl should have, it must be a bikini!
Okay, on the third day of the Easter long weekend, me and the girls went to Frankston Beach for 2 hours of lazing under the sun.

The weather was great - sun was shining but the breeze was cool - typical Melbourne weather. You melt and curse under the sun and you shiver and curse again under shade.

It was in impulsive decision to go to the beach, in fact we planned out the route at 1.30 pm, left at 3 pm and reached there by 4 pm. Being an impulsive act, we only brought snacks we had at home. Only those! It could have been potentially the biggest snack party ever by the beach! We do have the potential to do that, believe me.

Back to the bikini topic. I am serious when I say that every girl should have her own bikini.

Prior to getting one, I was skeptical. Issues like body image, trouble areas, bulging tummy, impracticality, waste of money all popped up within one milisecond. But then the wise Miss Glyniss said, "No, once you buy one and you wear once, you will fall in love with it and the beach." Coming from Glyniss, this is not a very convincing argument since, she has a banging hot body which I despise grrrr.

But of course, being the curious case I always am, I went ahead and bought one. I fell in love with bikinis the moment I wore one in the fitting room itself. It was that . . . erm, amazing haha.

The reason is obviously not like the bikini altered my body into Victoria Secret material or the bikini botton tucked in every single fat cell in my tummy area. Well, the feeling was just liberating. Yeah, that is it.
In fact, I began to love my body more and had the motivation to exercise more to perfect it :-) A bikini actually boosted my body confidence, how absurd. And then you can't wait to go to the beach. And when there is no chance to go to the beach, you can't wait till the house is empty so you can wear your bikini while ironing clothes or watching drama haha.

So girls! Go out and get your bikinis now! Confession time: I bought my second bikini a month ago but it was on special at only $29 at Mambo! . . . . . well, Glyniss bought a wig (a random point to justify my purchase haha).

I wore my Mambo one that day :-)
. . . . with a long sleeveless top over it hahaha! Well, it was more of a family day at Frankston the other day and no one else was wearing one since it was 'kinda' windy. Another reason is, I won't wanna scare my readers away :-(

Going to the beach is probably one of the most economical thing to do around here. Just a drive there with a handful of snacks, a 'proper' beach towel and the right group of mates. . .boom, that becomes a happening day.

Snacking while WenJi's Ipod was on John Mayer's playlist. Playing the the sand and our toes. Gossiping and girl talk all the way. Common things but oh-so-different when done on the beach while basking under the warmth of the sun :-)

At this point, my skin is becoming like chicken wings because the sun it setting and the wind is mighty cold!

One last shot with the beautiful sunset behind us.

I am going to end this sun-baked post with,"GRAB YOUR BIKINIS NOW SO WE CAN GO TO THE BEACH TOGETHER!"

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