Monday, April 27, 2009

Restaurant and Pet Business

I have been immensely addicted to Facebook games lately.

My restaurant in Restaurant City has been booming with business and the only time it is non-operational is actually when I sleep or am away from the computer (reluctantly or by force).

My restaurant currently have 6 staffs! Ray, Steve and I are the main cooks. WenJi and Choo are the waiters. My sister Lowena is the cleaner. WenJi has extensive experience as a waitress having worked as one before here. Choo just can't be the cook else he would eat up everything, or maybe all the taugeh so he is the waiter. Lowena, well she is just toilet cleaning material :-)

This was my restaurant 5 days back! Still modest and with 4 staffs only. But in just 2 days! It is a three times bigger with 1.5 times more staff! Too lazy to put a screenshot here so please visit at Restaurant City Facebook-ies :-) Register if you haven't!

It is funny how people with an average of 22 can get so serious about this game. For example:

A plea, desperate-very-much plea from the top player in my Restaurant City network. Well, he is second now. Kiasu Choo became first.

They spy on your ingredients for trading. Hmm. Actually reading this message again, I could pretty much sue Steve for harassment. Tsk, such suggestive contents.

And some resort to unfair trade. Imagine you best-est friend giving you a one-star corn for a one-star something. I mean, I wanted the four-star pork :-( Best Friends wor. Bau Suk la you.

This message concerns me starving Choo the waiter cause I wanted to save money for new decorations. Well, he always eats a lot so he burns my money damn fast. I then told Steve my grand plan to work him till 0% then sack him off for a new worker. But then. . .

I realised I have to compensate $200 if I were to sack him! Omg, divorce meh? So naturally, I kept him and FED him. Till today he is still part of my staff. Still eating off me hmph.

Another game I am really into is Pet Society. I have this amazingly cute but poor pet named Choppy! The name was chosen by Ray as I had a tough time deciding on the name. He said my pet resembled Chopper from One Piece. Choppy sounded kinda cute right??

I actually had a lot of pictures of Choppy but I was so clever that I don't remember where I put the folder. No idea. At all. Wah, hebat-ness at an entirely new level.

Coincidentally Melbourne was freaking cold today so I took out my trusted white furry with ears hoodie to wear. And on a cold gloomy lonely afternoon at home, inspiration struck me *thunder*

The inspirational coat. A very very comfy coat soft as a baby's bottom with little bear ears on the hoodie.

You know how pets in Pet Society, or any cute cartoon (think Hello Kitty, Boo from Monsters Inc, Chopper, Kon from Bleach etc etc) has a big head and small body?

I am a Pet now! Wait, let me convince you.

Puppy-fied Pet #1.

Shiny Eyes Pet #2.

Sanji-eyebrowed Megawatt Grin Pet #3

Loving Smiley Pet #4
Scaredy Sarcastic Pet #5

PMS Monster Pet #6

Roaring Devil Pet #7
So anyone up for adopting a Pet? (kyahaha, I love doodling) All you have to do is feed me, play with me, pamper me and lurve me.
Which one is your favourite Pet?
Omg. None of them T.T

2 Hikari*fications!:

Tarnos said...

Ok... you have waaaaaaaaay too much free time on your hands. Go do something productive! like... Go read some books or go out do some sports! Haha, or you can help me study my finance course =p

hikari* said...

I can help you sit for you finance course, after all I have ONE unit worth of financial knowledge back in uni :-)

So do you want a pet? It is only AUD20 per hour . . .

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