Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hello there?

I started this blog a few months after I first came to Australia to start my studies. It was out of loneliness perhaps.

I wanted it to be a portal where others can stay updated about everything me.
I wanted to record events in my life seeing how it was a new chapter being fresh out of a relationship, away from family in a foreign land for the first time and learning to be independent.

Somehow, I continued to blog until today.

From the tiny little dorm room of Normanby Hall in Monash Clayton to my own bedroom at Taman Indah Sandakan to the termite-infected room at Lagoonview Condominium Sunway and now, my Marshall home in Clayton.

My blogging style changed considerably as well. My old posts were often emotional and vague. Then it became more about general topics. Now it is more personal and opinionated.

This blog started out empty then came the various widgets and counters.
This blog started out with few readers the came Nuffnang and the counter which made me realize there are more than a few of you.

At the end of the day, I guess I am just happy to have maintained this blog for this long.

But I do have one burning question.

Who are my readers other than the two hands can count finish people who actually wrote on my chatbox?

I really really extremely dyingly wanna know.

Since Miss Loreee here took an amazing few hours to set up the comments section, can everyone who came upon this post just drop a 'hi' or show you were here? I really hope someone will drop something there though :-(

It gets a bit quiet when you are writing alone :-(

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