Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter housewarming

This Easter long weekend has been jam-packed with plenty F's (fun, friends, etc not the other F). On the very first holi-day (Friday), Ray had his housewarming party.

After a month of househunting, Ray and LiLet finally found a nice place near Monash Clayton to call home. The best thing is they are currently living with someone they know :-) SerLey.

It was like a reunion for the class of Bachelor of Engineering 2007 and MUMSU Easter Camp 2006. In a nutshell, it was a massive catch up session.
The four of us are still going strong but new faces have joined our group :-)

Most of the Halls bachelors have become either the man of a house . . .
. . . or the man behind a successful woman (muahaha). While 2006 couples lived through an LDR, . . .

. . . new 2007 couples emerged!

But the same old things that hold everyone together still remain.

Hills of carbohydrate with hordes of proteins enveloped in fat before the sugar is served.

The kiasu-ness spirit lives almightily in every card game.

SOME of us still eat quite a lot.

SOME of us still have problem posing normally.

It was a great night which ended with a friendly game of poker where Ray got stuffed when his double Ace got ruined by WenJi in a historical game. One we shall all remember.

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