Saturday, September 29, 2007

Entertain yourself

Entertain yourself

What was the highlight of my day today? Well, I cannot contain this glee in me any longer!

I found a series of random videos of dear Milo on YouTube! And with tremendous willpower, passion and patience, I have successfully hunted down every one of them and have them safely kept in a vault. What vault? The little vault in my throbbing heart lo *blush*... Okay, that was a bit disgusting but oh well. It is for Milo.

I thought the videos were brilliant in terms of randomness and in a way, funny. What did it show? Hm, teeth-brushing, peanut butter and Nike Shoe-lacing. Got u scratching ur head. Why are you even scratching? Just roll your cursor over and give it a click la. You are in for a BIG surprise. Why?

Oh aren't they suspense killing u?

It is, isnt it..?

Boy, oh boy, it is...


For you will see a very cute and charming Milo in action for as LONG as 20 seconds!!

Phwoarr!!! (Oli Country Style version).

I bet this is treasure to a certain Miss Ho out there. Please dun thank me after this ok? Your lameness might be infectious.

I dun even know why I was so engrossed in all these videos today. Maybe it is cos I was just back from Sandakan? Always feels this way after a few days of hustle and bustle back home. During those few days, I didn't feel tired at all or bored. Which is weird as I worked like I did back here in KL on assignments, went out twice as much and has practically no forms of entertainment other than eating and crapping. Okay fine. Maybe I worked but not really as hard as I do back here. Maybe eating and crapping are in fact entertainment to me. So now tha the point of this whole post is gone...

Can you please stop erasing the points in my posts?
For or else, I will feel stupid writing this today.
And dun ask whether I felt stupid writing all previous posts.
I still think the Daniel = Geng And Yeng idea is really quite...geng, in fact.

I am missing Sandakan ady. And the memories I had there. My childhood spent with Sis Hui drawing, the first time i fell butt-oriented down the stairs of Sungsiew kindergarten, the cinema trips with Aunt Justina and Iris, wrestling with Bro Eddie, sunny side ups at Grandma's old house, the dog bringing home a dead chicken during my 12th birthday party, Interact activities with Choo and the gang, meeting point at Cherry in town, showing Uncle Tan to the Sandakan population. So much more. So why the sudden melancholy?

I might be moving to KL for good soon.
This makes me realize that I have so much in Sandakan.
So much that I cannot bear to leave behind.

Hm... it is cruel that people have to be so dispersed from one another.

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