Monday, October 1, 2007

Monash bAll 2007: Glamour Section

Monash Ball 2007: Glamour Section
I know all of u have been waiting. Especially SiewChin, who must be skipping around Brunei rite now.
Finally I have gotten in my hands most of the pics during the BIG nite itself. How big? As big as my arms in one of the pics in ChewBee's camera which is OF COS not gonna appear here. I dun like contaminations.

And what better way to kick off the photo frenzy with the Glamour Bits of the Ball! I hope u get the hint that there will be a series of posts regarding this. And they are not all glamorous. I assure u. There are so much behind-the-scenes work to looking gorgeous and gals are such poor things to have to endure it all.
Hm, this could have been titled as 'Tutorial to being a good boyfriend'. (No hints to anyone by the surname Tan).

ChewBee and Elaine at the make up parlour. Vain looks are like ChewBee's. Attempting to be cute looks are like Elaine's. Hohoho.
These are some pre-ball pictures. Kinda like warm-up exercise before a 56600-km marathon run. After all u need loosening up to arch those backs, enhance those features. It is never easy. I bet Amanda have been warming up for at least 3 hours all the way from home. For me, I am a humble pie. A cute pie. No, hot pie! **All the choices of adjective, tsk tsk....**

This is glamour at its best. I personally refer to this duo as 'The Red-ilicious Lips Sisters'. Okay, I am gonna make Emma my second Personal Assistant and WanRu my Manager. My entourage just got larger. Haih, fame.

Contrary to belief, I do look glamorous at times. *Silence* Did this picture not convince u? This cannot be! But notice my first PA ChewBee behind me looking intently while my Stalker Fan KangNing begged for a picture with me? And this is a pure dimple-showing-off picture. Ceh. I dun have meh? ....... Ya, i dun have, so? >:P

If the last picture failed to convince you of KangNing being my Stalker Fan, see this. She is even copying my pose. Luckily I closed my mouth in time to make my grin into a smile! Now, we are different, phew.

The whole Biotechnology gang of leggy beauties. This pic is not doing us justice as our legs actually go on for another mile. But notice me on the phone? Haih, popularity. Actually, it was a call from Uncle Tan and I think we were in the middle of talking about Kevin's dreadlocks. If the camera had snapped 2 seconds before this, u could see my look of shock with the mouth of diameter 15 cm. Or maybe 14 la.

Another group picture with the Symbol of Monash! And I demand everyone to look at me in this picture. Why? Cos if i dun, u might miss me. And i strained my back to take this pic. Or, Because I'm Worth It, like Michelle Reis said.
Why does everyone love hugging me? And regardless of how hard it is, please everyone resist from calling me sexy. I have heard enough of that. **Or cos it will sound too sarcastic, especially from Steve and Choo. Do not, i warn u two pranksters.**

And for the last picture of the Glamorous Section, it is ME of course. And if you still are going to ask why I put my own pic as the last, after the whole post discussing about this issue a few days ago, let me tell u once again. Cos, like Peter Petrelli in Heroes, the celeb of all celebs always appera last! Okay, wat is that chuckle for? And that frown? And that rolling of eyes? Fine. Dun fren u all.


As for special things happening today, I am really happy for the plans I made for the L'Oreal competition, is actually shaping up. And of course, it is definitely impossible without the help of a few very very good frens. Not to mention gorgeous. Curious. As u could probably guess, I wont wanna tell u anymore :P Happy?

And hopefully things will go fine! All the way!! Gotta buck up and work hard!!

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