Saturday, October 27, 2007

Dream a nite

This is a happy news to all who likes me, which I assume to be the 133,458,990 of you out there as I did well for the L'Oreal Competition and thanks to the nice people from L'Oreal and the cool crew from MYC Magazine, they gave me the chance for a taste of victory on that blissful night itself. It was really, erm literally a dream I must say as I was not quite conscious for the whole of the process. However, I do remember grinning, and people hugging me, a certain someone kssing me. . . .

I will need to clear my head.

So first of all I must thank a group of very important people who without any one of them, the show would be a No-Show and I would be a total walking Cow-Show.

First of all will be my art director and technical instructor Mr Tshun, for:

- teaching me how to colour nicely and criticizing MILDLY when I failed. (remember the perfect two tone ribbon?)

- thinking of all sorts of tricks to create dimension and texture for the otherwise bla clothes.

- degrading my original *powerpoint* presentation slide so badly that I felt like crying an ocean. But nice enough to make me a canggih one~!

- Eating more pizza than me during our overtime days so that I din look like a sausage on that nite.

- Being there from start till the very end despite all the mockings.

Then there is my Personal Assistant, Ms SeeYeng, for:

- Being there all the time 24/7 to answer my calls!

- Preparing all the materials for us to work on.

- Being our stapler, adhesive tapes, ribbons, paper, colour-machine.

Thanks to all hot hot hot models for making the night one to remember!

- ShinYee, for being so initiative and ever so glamorously rocking during the show. Salute your guitar stunt, now I believe u have strong arms!

- Donna, for taking this risk for me which is so touching and believe me, you have every look for the runway. Love your cheekbones but hate ur height in photos with me. Thanks for the beautiful hair settings!

- SiauMan, for being so helpful all the time in all sorts of things and getting that attitude out there to electrocute all males in that room. You were amazing and you shall always be so to me!

- Nyuk, for all the ideas, advises, experience and help in making the show a success! And for risking a fall for me, which I am so uneasy about! But truth to be told, u rocked~ Thanks for the make up ideas as well!

- Jing, for the cuteness, spontaneity, fun and humour u brought! U couldnt have been better! And no worries, for the un-gentlemen shall be punished! You were awesome!

Now to thank our Miss Choreographer and Music Executive, Ms Liew Ka Ling for:

- all your wacky ideas to play with props during the walk!

- the great edit done on the music, it was steaming hot~

- the time you took to choreograph the walk with me and devise me such a cute finale!

I must also thank Mr YipiLai, for coming all the way just to help us capture the moments BEAUTIFULLY and ARTISTICALLY. And we were vain, but I hope u enjoyed it. Lastly, your pictures were amazing enuff jus from the camera display!

Thanks to Ms Tam Lai Tinn as well, our Miss TAM! For helping me here n there, showing up so early and for the lovely flowers! Oh dear, so nice of u. *ahem ahem*

Then there is Miss PangKangNing, Mr KangWei and LeeChia for being so supportive~ Being there all night despite me being able to come n see u once in a while only. It must be tough missing me. LeeChia altho u din make it, I still love u a bit. Like, 1.3% now la! Ok?

After all the thanking, of cos I must take the hoardes of supporters out there!! But I shall do this shout out later!

Since I have not gotten all the pictures of that nite yet, I shall show u the materials that we made for the nite itself first! It took us quite a long time, but like Tshun said, it was worth it. Or maybe he wanted to say "Because u're worth it" to me! Oh no...

This here was worn by Nyuk! The silver stuffs were made from self-cut silver paper residue (to which Tshun asked, "U wanna slowly stick all those? I see how long u can last." I survived) since sequins were too expensive! Then we pulled yellow ribbons along the pants. And the strings of beads, are magical beads! We realized and are about to publish this in journals, that the beads actually gravitate away from human hands! Cool eh!

This here was worn by ShinYee. It was actually inspired by Peter Petrelli. Dun say 'irrelelvant(!)' before u listen to the full story. Peter is my hero. And heroes usually wear capes. But Peter is too cool for capes which must be complemented with underwear worn on the outside. So this is a modern cape for a hero. As for ShinYee, she was the Guitar Heroine~!

This was for Donna and believe me, it was riding high and her legs were mile long. As in MILE. The ribbon at the back was actually given its shape by inserting wires under the paper! And the yellow part are from some lace-y paper we found in some stores! I wanted to make this look like a flower bud. And Donna held a small lily. . . . demure . . .

This is again worn by ShinYee! The silver part was made from the same silver paper as mentioned before and the buttons were actually little butterflies~ Not obvious but can u feeel my eye for details? And with a pair of sunnies, it was cool!
This was worn by SiauMan. Wanted to give it a very exaggerated ribbon using real ribbon material but failed to find the fabric we wanted! So we made it the same way we made the last ribbon! Wires! The pattern in the front was sewn using real thread! And I was ridiculed real badly when trying to put the thread into the needle hole! Wat went onstage along with this dress? My cute Teddy!

This was made for Jing as I made it petite-sized! The nice blue sheen of couse is courtesy of Tshun! And those are white-folds of paper in front which was taped together uglily at the back of the paper. We added hints of gold thread which was extremely hard to put into the needle hole. And the buttons are taken from a jacket of mine. Can u see that one of the buttons is bigger than the other? Not obvious rite? Told u so, Tshun! Wanted to let Jing go onstage with boots while wearing this, but due to VERY LIMITED TIME, my boots were abandoned again.

This was the last piece made and it was for Donna. She looked cute wearing this cos her height was amazing for it. And the flare near the end of the coat was made by sticking individual paper strips while the button at the back of the dress. Hm,...was ripped from a hairclip of mine! By Tshun. U owe me one hair clip. I dun care. The props? A nice bag and a few stunts with something as simple as a compact powder.

This was used as the opening act and was worn by SiauMan. The skirt was really wide and the black lace is actually stapled, stuck with layers and layers of double sided tape! On the lace, we sewed on small pink pearls, ripped off a keychain of mine which was given to me by ChewBee (I forgot to tell u this, QB! Sorry!). And then we added glitter onto the dress! It was really cute when matched with SiauMan's skin colour! And the prop? A very mysterious mask. . .

This cute number is for Jing, the petite one again! The whole thing was coloured on as the lower part was too hard to make. The 3D effect of course is Tshun's work! And the glitter was me and See Yeng's HARD work! Jing played with a small fairy rod in this!
There is another piece which resembled a white tube with blue ribbons! The hardest one to put on which was perfected by Nyuk! Had she not tot of holding it with her hands in an unobvious way, it would seem so awkward. But it was great!
This is the small fairy rod we bought and modified! I was made a fool by making a very ugly silver coil and it gave chance for Mr Tshun to show off. But the white paper behind the heart? My sole effort ok!

One of my pride n joy~ the mask used for the opening green dress. This was made from scratch really. I made the mask itself. The base was some sort of really hard and expensive paper. The lace material was extracted from a hairband while the shiny stones are those meant for phones! The black lace behind the feathers are from the same material as the dress. . . . . ok, I will mention the rod la. Tshun made it ok. He banned the original antique looking one I made. Then he coiled another wire to cover mt original antique looking one and added a small gem from the same keychain where the small pearls for the dress were taken, at the end. Smart la.
But wait! There is still another cute star in the show! This Teddy of mine! I was taken out by SiauMan when she wore the white dress. Matching the theme of this blog, during the walk, she treated it badly!
The whole nite was fun, backstage was a total confusion, there were a few small accidents but the overall result: a very memorable and happy night.
In fact, it is so touching to receive all your congratulatory messages today!
To Uncle Tan, Mum, Dad, Sis, all relatives, Amy, WenJi, Shirley, PKN, KangWei, LeeChia, Melissa, Alice, Iris, Wai Leong, JeaHau, Tshun, Steve, See Yeng, Amanda, Cheryl, Su-ee, QB, Jennifer, Emma, Elaine, Tam, and so many more of u.
Thanks again for everything, everyone of u.

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