Wednesday, October 24, 2007


It is always uplifting to know that there is someone whose voice can make u breakdown and let tears clear your mind. This statement might be a bit too optimistics but seriously, I think so!

At least,
there is someone u can trust and show your true colours to;
u are capable of letting go and accepting through tears;
in the end things will be alright and u are smiling again.

It is funny how small things can breakdown even a gigantic man. Emotions are crappy friends to have since they influence u too much in the brain and more in the heart. In the end, you are left feeling insecure and ashamed of ur own weakness. But then again, it is not a weakness to cry rite? Instead, be happy cos, u r definitely human inside (if in case u barely look like one outside).

And now I shall cry with the 13 lecture notes beside me, a head full of mess, L'Oreal Competition tomorrow, Physio exam tomorrow and all sorts of stuffs going on! Tough, but I will survive through them.

I can't wait to tell Aim how great that nite was! Lemme rephrase that. *Cough* I cant wait to boast to Aim how great that nite was.

To reunite with my Sunshine Gal again and WALK and practice Flexibility.

Be immersed in lame jokes by SiewChin.

Laugh at Kampung Oli and so much more.

Remember our spontaneous BBQ? And impulse McD trips? ....All food, but oh well!

I miss everyone of you here and cant wait to see all of u end of this year! We shall conquer further than St. Kilda this time! And do some other stuffs other than eating.

Although there are things, which I wish to erase or to ignore, most often than not, I find it hard or impossible. Maybe this is something I should change.

Stop being such a worrywart.
Stop the obsession for confirmations or plans.
Stop beating myself all over for nothing.
Be tough and stand still.
Be pretty.

Okay the last one was quite irrelevant n unnecessary. Cos I ady have it. No?

Who said no!

In the end, nothing matters more than making every minute of ur own life worthwhile. And I shall think nothing other than this. I am having fun in my life. Things are great. What is a road trip without a few road blocks? Too smooth a trip.

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