Thursday, October 18, 2007

Tears we missed

Tears we missed

Looking at all the things I have at this moment in my life. I can't help feeling thankful. And in this age and time, a little guilty. Truth is, I do know there are so many excess unnecessecities in my life. And I can't totally deny enjoying such luxuries in life or be occasionally tempted by materials of all kinds. In fact, on a selfish note, I cannot really imagine what life would be like if I had not been born to such a nice family.

As a grew, I realized how thankful I should be.

To be considering of what postgraduate to take. To be bothered by the endless reports. To have a laptop challenging my intellect. To be able to converse in all sorts of languages, albeit with only half a bucket of water. To have a mum who nags. A sister who annoys. A dad who radiates the aura of protectiveness. Be laughed at for being killed by a sidekick video game villain. To complain of crappy food in the cafeteria. To know that things will be alrite at the end of everyday once I return home.

Being quite an emotional baby, I get teary real easily. Just take the dinner outing just now. A mere 45 minutes. Within such a short time frame, where one could easily spend eating potato chips whilte cursing that evil jerk on the latest TVB drama, I believe I crossed path with many individuals with a story seeped with pain and sadness.

An old lady with a head of white hair held back with a black hairband wandering around with nothing but a handful of crumpled RM 1 notes and some coins which seemed a bit too heavy for her tired hands. Her eyes were not sad, but empty. And I believe she is trying her hardest to live on.

A small boy running around in slippers, fetching soup wantan from one table to another. While he clearly informs the customer of the sum of money, I wonder if he knew what money is for? At that age, it probably became a responsibility or routine to help his parents. Responsibility - something even some of us had yet come to terms with.

A fat boy of age around 10, crouching at a corner near his parents little stall, washing dishes which really piled up into a mountain. Scrubbing, scrubbing, scrubbing. It was a bit heartbreaking to see him cornered into such a small spot, all sweaty and tired looking.

Within such limited space and time, I noticed this much going on around me. And though I pity, feel heartbroken and talks about all this here rite now, I wonder what sort of help have I actually given to help people? Or have I even tried to help?

What could a few convenient dollars for the easily available donation boxes or charity activities mean? Just money spared to ease my own guilt or to make-believe that I am contributing? In the end, it is all about my ownself?

As life gets busier and more advanced, people began struggling and in the midst of all the fight for survival, I guess it is easy to lose sight of what is really important in life and to focus on our own selfish little dreams. Sure, it is not wrong to chase our own dreams, get the life we want, enjoy it to the fullest. But along the way, couldnt we have shared some and gave some?

I could live with a life full of gadgets and exquisite buffets, but should this be the goal to our lives? If such materialistic things should direct or motivate our life, I wonder where the meaning of life is?

It is not really all that hard or troublesome to help. It is a blessing to be able to help.
The world is getting sicker, we should start thinking.
And of cos, turn those thoughts into action.

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