Wednesday, October 10, 2007

'Try' Life

'Try' Life

Out of a sudden, a lot of twists and surprises had entered my life. Well, I have been well known for being a mouse at these things. And then I got promoted to being chicken at these things. And rite now, I dare say that I am 25% on my way towards the 'duck' rank. Dun get this? That means u have not been reading! Dai sei.

Which I think is a great thing for this is one of the hurdles I always encounter in life. Being scared of everything scary and not-scary alike.

Now I really admire performers. To have the passion to do something and being stared in the eye by the art critic in everyone. This is true isnt it? After all, art is so subjective and to have the confidence to showcase ur perspective, or uniqueness among the sea of different artistic views. Or to approach this uncertainty with such immense belief, faith, passion, dedication and determination.

Frankly I have yet to lose the doubts and fear inside of me. In fact, I still blush like a school girl whenever people ask about this competition. In a sense, I am a bit happy and glad I gave it a try. But at times, this total new direction is a bit suffocating and erm, scary? But, fear is to be surpassed rite? And I am having fun!

And what better way to find out how much actually your friend support u. Let me show u all some new additions into *ahem* (I insist) MY FAN CLUB.

From Eric (Treasurer - allocate funds for my 3 buffets this month)
Wanna help someone realise her dream? Then vote for Loretta!

From Elaine (Loudspeaker - as in just be herself)
Vote my dearest friend LORETTA MUST~~~Make her dream comes true ^ ^

From Choo (Publicity Officer 2 - Cos of one lucky number = 8)
aestron... ANYONE! PLS vote for LORETTA -->

From Jing (Secret Agent #4)
Vulnerability,wisdom,strength have inspired me to be the best i can be..."Loretta,we support you "

So now u see, friends are really great. To be taken advantage of. Nyahaha. Of cos it must be cos I am sweet, warm, cute, pretty, charming *phew* as well. Saying all those in one breathe is real hard. But when it comprises of ur personality, what can u do? Rite? So it is nice to know that they are doing the publicity for u, cos they know u are too chicken to do it urself. Friends. .

Now let us not forget an UNMOVABLE object in this Fan Club: MY SIS. Why unmovable? That is just a metaphor. . . . . . or is it?

From blog of Lowena (Central Loudspeaker - . . . go figure)
"speaking of which, have you voted for milo yet? she's one of the 12 finalists of l'oreal's cash your dreams so do vote for my milo okay?"

In which Milo meant me. So to her, me and Milo are like one entity? Oh, such a lovely phrase~
(And i can now use the same colour for our names. . .aww~~)

But then the funniest part is this:

WanRu-crazy week ahead... says:
i ask my friend in aus to vote for u. i said vote for my friend, loretta.
he go n vote for bernie cos he tot loretta = loreal! i mentioned 3 times loretta!!
then he still tot it's loreal cos loretta n loreal so similar!

WanRu is my the Personal Assistant of mine in the very important Food Department.

See? Maybe this is fate. I never knew my name sounded similar to L'Oreal. Although I knew my face looks a bit like its spokesperson like Michelle Reis. . . .remember? Hohoho. And i am not joking. Hoho. Really no. Ok, no more 'hoho'-ing to show my seriousness in this matter.

But I couldnt thank everyone of u enough. Lately I have been getting emotional. After all, I just had wat might be the last ever lab experience in my life last Monday. And my last ever wet la report is gonna be due soon. And what about the cute antics of Dr Robin?

Why do we love Dr Robin? Or at least to me. Cos, I have never seen anyone with so much passion in what he does. Quoting Emma here, "I should have written 'Dr. Robin rocks!' in the unit evaluation form!"

To which Jennifer replied in a classic Dr. Robin imitation:
"Uuu, I rock~ Rock is good, is it?"

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