Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Monash Ball 2007: UpClose Section

Monash Ball 2007: UpClose Section

Before going into the main topic, I have the greatest news in the whole of my history to announce. Finally, the day has come where. My abs. HURTS.

Not due to food poisoning, wrestling or overeating.

But EFFECTIVE Abs Exercise.

As I pushed open the heavy door to the toilets in the library, my abs quipped a bit. And my emotions rushed inside of me. I threw myself at Emma to give the good news and this proceeded to make the entire of my day!

Okay, now back to the main topic. Oh wait, there is another thing,..

how sad is it to turn down an invitation to a movie screening?
Hm, how about as sad as my life can be? Well, not my life as in always. But as in when u have 3 unfinished reports and a hideous herbarium to pass up on friday and another 2 more reports for monday. Please tell me how sad this is. I cant even put in words.

Back to the topic! Here are some candid shots, erm or vanity shots of me and some vain friends. Okay, Vain Me and some Vain Friends.

This is Me and ChewBee halfway during the ball itself. It was hard to catch the lighting as the lights were going techno. But beauty creates miracle and tada! Beauty as in ChewBee la of cos. One cant be calling oneself a beauty rite? **Rolls eyes**

This is Amanda, Me and KangNing. Dun be deceived by this tempting photo cos I am wearing a tube top. I hope I said that in time to rescue a few thousand nose bleeds. And dun be fooled by KangNing as her face is really big. This was taken about 25 cm behind me. Serious....
This is Elaine and Me. As always she is hugging me. I somehow feel that she's got this Hugging-ME condition. For a lot of the pics, she is hugging me. Evidences are coming soon....
This is KaeXin and Me. This photo should be called UNFAIR. Cos we made a pact to pull faces. But look wat happened. She is pretty. And I am pretty with my tongue stupidly out.
Hm, actually wanted to make this post really interesting with a section called Funny Discoveries. But remember that my life is currently quite sad? So that is y. But stay tuned. Especially SiewChin, who cant get enough of me.

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