Sunday, October 7, 2007

Extremely touched.

Extremely Touched

One doesn't know how blessed one is until something happens. And for this time, it is in the form of this L'Oreal competition~

For one, the shy nature of me (yes, shy) has prohibited me from going all out to promote myself, asking every single person to vote for me! Airing the voting site on national TV. All the while I merely hinted. Seriously. But of cos I let some of the active ones know like the one very loyal supporter fan of mine, Miss WenJi.
Then suddenly, despite all these insecurities of mine, so many people are actually warming up to me. Showing me their support. Okay, I might have been quite 38 usually but I came to realize that, maybe you guys actually LOVE me for it! Should i improve on this?

Let me give some credits to some of my fans here.

First of all, there is Miss WenJi, who is forever supportive of me. Maybe it is my beauty, maybe it is my fit body. For some reasons, WenJi just loves me. I bet I had her all charmed last year with my records of McD sundaes, extremely good 'detangling' skills and rapid Hokkien learning. In fact, she gave me a call before the auditions and as usual she laughed at her own jokes more than talking to me. And in between getting into the finals and waiting for the voting to begin, I must have received countless sms-es from her. Great!!

And look at my own nickname, I am too chicken to put BANNERS asking people to vote for me. Sigh, how bad rite? But let me tell u all something! I actually have a Fan Club (well, the people din give the club a name, so I had no choice but to call it my FAN CLUB) rite now~ And WenJi here is the secretary?

And of course there is the president of my fan club (Uncle Tan) and the other enthusiastic fan Shirley of mine who is yet to be given a credible position. For your information, I currently have quite a ciplak Marketing Club based in Aussie, or more specifically Clayton (not kampung ok?). These group of people are actually working independently. The setting up, operation etc, were totally out of my knowledge. Despite all these privileges I seem to garner from them, it is definitely not so for I still get bashed mercilessly within my own Fan Club. I love saying this. My Fan Club, nyahaha.

And the most touching moment? When I saw this. Not cos I give special attention to Amy. Not cos I favor her over the others. Not cos she is the cutest of us all. I repeat, not cos she is the cutest of us all. But it is cos, for the first time - she spelt my name correctly. CORRECTLY. I could feel warm tears filling my eyes when I saw this. And the international feel this Fan Club is going, oooo~ Thai language promo by headquarters based in Aussie for a Malaysian. I must involve Choo and make it Uk-fied. Then I'll need to have Milo to be in charge of the US while dear Teru can focus on Japan. But both of them are busy lately, with Ashes promo coming up for Teru and Heroes 2 going on for Milo. So I better not disturb them.

Did I forget anyone? Hm, of cos. How can I forget the one who called me a duck in a way that I could not be angry. Although, your constant Peter/Petrelli/Milo MSN battling with me (like shown here) is still ongoing. Frankly u were one of the ones who made me really go for the audition and everything. Somehow, ur air of lameness in the way u convey ur point of view in things make me more relaxed! And I still remember that u want my autograph, despite it probably being a lame statement, which is mentioned once, very briefly and carelessly, in a very short sms. Can't wait to see u in Thai!

And then there is this very low-techinical-skill involved voting link my sis created for me in her blog. And her so-called attempt to promote my image i think? Or else, why would picture such as those, out of all the millions of BEAUTIFUL pictures of mine get posted on her blog. But, okay, I shall be a bigger person and just be angry for 137 days.

However, there are a few very important players in this Club now. I have officially recruited Mr Tshun (notice this AhTshun colour I used for u? haha) and Miss SeeYeng into the technical department. Over a very heavy meal of Sushi. Which was paid for by Tshun. Very nice guy? Read on before u decide:

Me: Eh, I better pay u back for the meal!
Tshun: No need la. I'll pay this time.
Me: Nah, I dun wanna owe u anything! It is not that nice.
Tshun: Aiya, u already owe me so much, does this make a difference?
Me: Yerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!

Any other ppl in this club? Well, secret!

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