Tuesday, October 16, 2007

lab lab lab

Lab lab lab

Being a Biotechnology student, I have been wrapped up in lab work and report writing for the whole of my three years in Monash. Countless weekends spent looking for journal articles, haunting of the library, clarification or *ahem* amendments in results, stupid referencing mistakes and escaping the rat dissection session. Ah, I can say finally that, those are really GOOD times.

Okay, I despised report writing in such a real manner that I fooled u all. Haha, ok I really hated report writing. But this proves that absence makes the heart grow fonder. Cos I just completed my very last report for my degree. . . . I have a feeling SiewChin might add something like, 'You sure you wont fail?' here but, oh well. And I had to rapidly finish up this report as the process of separation and the goodbyes were just too painful to endure~

As a tribute to the days in the lab, I decided to show some really COOL stuff we actually do or use in labs! And refrain from using the word nerdy, as long as u r in this page. . . .

This is a machine used for centrifugation! Although I have had countless encounters with this beauty, it still amazes me. The startup sound it makes as it preps its engine to fulfill its duty. IT is like watching F1. And I actually know how to operate it!

This is something new I saw this semester! Despite the bulkiness and lack of shape, it is filled with water and all sorts of entrapments here and there which even confuses a genius. Cos even i got confused. Get the hint? Hoho. This actually enables the separation of proteins~ Can u imagine how small a protein is? IT is as SMALL as . . . . THIS!

These small and cute things are called cuvettes! Love the name. One of the things we commonly handle and use to measure the colour intensity of solutions~ giving out an ABSORBANCE reading. Now don't ABSORBANCE and COLOUR INTENSITY sound totally irrelevant to each other? That is wat we call COOL. For us, nerdi-ly cool ppl!
My biggest pride for the semester. Dun even call it disgusting! IT is beautiful. One of the wonders science brings. This is actually a mass of cells of uncontrollable growth called callus. And guess what, they are from plants! From this cells, we can actually regenerate whole plants. Now if this still doesn't amaze u, let me tell u this. . . . . My experiment was the only one so severely affected by fungi contamination that I couldnt even get to say goodbye to it. Why?
Cos it was chucked away.
Pipettes! Pipettes to us are like green tea ice cream to WenJi. Or maybe, Taro bubble tea. Or chocolates. Or laksa. Actually any food will apply i think. Do u notice the reduction in size for pipetttes? Well the size is getting smaller and it is not a trend thing u see in mobile phones, where the smaller it is the better it is considered to be. Just one word: I am getting more pro. Wait, ok 5 words. . . . ok, i meant: WE are getting more pro. Erm, 5 words.

This is my favourite part! Notice the huge change in size? Now can u guess why it is so? Yes, my clever babies. Now chant with me: WE ARE GETTING MORE PRO!
. . . . by the way, I squeezed and spoilt the one on the right.

And lastly, how can i forget the HONOURS shot we got with Dr Robin? See the smug look we are gonna display IF we were to really find any BREAKING SCIENTIFIC FACTS! With the smug look there ady, the rest shall be left for your own imagination . . . .only.

It is kinda sad to be leaving lab behind. After all the fun and blurness experienced there! But it really taught me alot and now, I am a bit berat hati of it.

Shall remain optimistic and be less emotional~

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