Monday, October 22, 2007



Rite now in my mind:

1) What to wear on the finals night for The L'Oreal competition?
2) What to say when onstage?
3) What to chant when I am about to pee myself?
4) What colour of plastic bag to bring in case I puke onstage?

Four very SMALL questions.

Regardless, I will try my best to stand STILL and talk NORMAL and BLINK and not FAINT.
Easy jobs? You do la then! In fact I am not calm at all! If I can I would run into the arms of Teru and make him pass me some of his stage charm and then run again into the arms of Peter Petrelli so he can make me invisible and fly with me to Mount Everest. And this is not irrelevant! Cos i really want it.....*drool*...

Sure I hope to gain rave reviews for that nite. And I do hope to win. Seriously! It is like proving something to yourself and the fact that my parents and everyone around me are kinda proud of me is not a bad thing either~ And when I say all the people around me, I MEAN IT. How did this happen despite the low profiel approach?

Well, I told my Aunt in Tawau about it. Now you see, this aunt of mine is the Tawau 8-gua Queen, so within mintues it reached my little hometown Sandakan. My mum first naturally. And then it reached all my yi ma gu zhe in Sandakan. Fast? Now u see, there is this gene that runs in my family originating from my maternal grandma. And that makes my mum the Sandakan 8-gua Queen. But i doubt this title will reach me as my other sibling is a real natural at this. I shall remain the cool sophisticated one then.

Within minutes, relatives from KK, Aussie and KL were informed. While the last headquarter is in Melbourne, this newly established Aussie headquarter is in Brisbane. And to have chatterbox frens is a blessing, cos they TALK. Till they CONVINCE. And they DUN STOP. Proud of u all, muax.

But what am i planning or have done so far? Here are some clues and I BET u can guess!

Black nails (with no chipping, so of cos it is not me) and a compact mirror with a peace sign.

Another set of black nails, without chipping again, with more black on the dorsal side of the hand. And a mysterious white object.

A mysterious symbol on a strong looking hand.

A simple hairclip with an eye that seems to be smiling.

The most obvious clue: The necessity of toilet roll as shown here, being grabbed tightly by a mysterious hand.
Can u guess now? Obvious rite? I told u so!
If u cant guess, then no choice. U have to make it to the even itself! And see with ur own eyes. I wish all my frens could come, but then again nothing's perfect! So, sms wishes from everyone. And for those who can come, call me baby~

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