Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Monash Ball 2007: Funny shots

Monash Ball 2007: Funny Shots

Regardless of how formal the event is there are bound to be some *ahem* joy-spreading candid shots that is never some sort of embarassment! But a special something that will always bring laughter to a friend no matter how time passes by. And how much u wish it was the otherwise.

My first PA ChewBee must be very proud of this pic. For the first time, she is actually looking towering tall!! And it looks so real. The trick? Focus your camera from an angle of almost 90 degress from beneath u.

We all agreed that WanRu acted cool in all the pics. But why is she smiling so broadly here? Well, cos finally someone is focusing at the 'essence' of her dress.

Among all the pretty LADIES here, Elaine is finally showing her true colours. Despite the petite and cute appearance, this walking Loudspeaker actually pulled such a rude hand gesture! Gosh. And the danger i was in at that time with her other hand over me.

Behind every photo there is a story. But it becomes pretty apparent when the photographer is a totally unskilled one. I forgot who took this, but u better be careful for retaining it.

While Emma is all 'Cuti-Cuti Malaysia' -like with the soup, Miss KangNing is purely 100% EATING. Like a pizza absorbs cheese. Ooh lala.

Goes to see balls are not always that glamorous. So what if there is a camera and KaeXin's all smiling and ready? Nothing will stand in the way of WanRu and her goodie bag. And Elaine shall continue being a chipmunk. A cute one.

Here comes the cute Chipmunk and the *wah!* not-so-cute Boar.
I told u guys over and over again. KangNing is a serial bully. And only 95.6% of u all believed me. Look for yourself now.

With the smoke and all. We, that means me and Elaine, really tried to deny that we were literally smoking hot....until...

I was asked to be the photographer and still the smoke remained there. I wonder why?
I wonder what kinda person I usually am. To deserve such photos taken secretly and publicized and laughed at by all the ones I love. Glamour cannot bring itchiness is it? Itchy cannot scratch is it? Scratching is not glamourous is it? . . . . . . . . . . So wat. ChewBee, u be careful there.

. . . . . . . . . Chew Bee, I am gonna gobble up your cake on your birthday. And if you guys are wondering, this is just a scientific method to dissecting the food on your plate. I won't blame u if u dunno for the journal article is just accepted. Maybe u can consults Dr Robin about it then.
Balls are always full of surprises and fun as well. But mostly the fun is brought by the people with u there. I truly believe that it is important to maintain a mindset for fun in whatever u do and whenever it is. For life is to be enjoyed.

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