Sunday, September 23, 2007

History of nicknames

Okay, having gained a new nickname as being a vainpot, i guess everyone is expecting me to be uploading some of my Monash Ball pics, say 386 pics only, right after the big day itself. Afterall, there was quite a big fuss prior to this BIG day! The failed diet plan of three persons who shall remain unnamed, the stunning view of KL in a traffic jam, the timely hair problems, fashion tape action all night long and sweat. Yes, as in SWEAT which is non-existent during all those gruelling cardio sessions. Guess, cardio wasn't glamorous enough to invite them. I'll consider cardio-ing on a red carpet, in a million dollar dress and chunky diamond earring next time.

But guess what, I am not gonna talk about the ball at all. After all, it is not really that significant. Really, I mean it. Seriously. For real.

Okay la. Blogger is stopping me from uploading pictures.
I suspect they don't want me to contaminate their territory any longer.
So can you guys please sign a petition so that I can upload my pictures?
I know u all wanna see them so very badly, rite? Rite? RITE?

So I'll save it for another day! Guess what, I am really STIFF, BAD and a totalPAISEH-case during serious photoshoots.

Remember I told you I am chosen as the top 12 finalists for L'Oreal Caash Your Dreams? I went for the photoshoot! And before I say anything more, let me savour this moment.

*Ahem* An announcement to Miss Pornphan, the celeb-wannabe No. 1.

I got a professional make up artist creating miracles on me on that day. (I could practically hear birds chirping under the big blue skies with multiple rainbows and money on trees during that make up session) But then I really was quite bad, if not very bad, or worse comes worse, was like a piece of WOOD in jeans, during the photoshoot. That is why, I specialize in candid shots, see?

But the experience was fun! And I met a lot of interesting people! And I wore my red shoes again (my MerahMerah) and this time, it did not hurt one bit. And on that very night, I dreamt about Ryan Seacrest giving me a farm as a present. Aww, how nice is everything lately?

And now I am back at home, in dear old Sandakan. Seeing my grandma and everyone else. Endless supply of mooncakes rolling in. Pampered by all around me. Seeing my sis's jealous face. Genomics hanging around my mind. Oh wait, that is not good. Sorry.

I suddenly had an idea to run down the history of nicknames I had. And I realized, some of them do not do me any justice at all. Really!

Monkey (Origin: Mum) (Used by: all family members)
In all languages, I have been called this. And all sorts of variation as well ~ four-eyed monkey (sei ngan ma lau), toothless monkey(mou nga ma lau). Why? It remains a mystery, for there had been so many different theories from so many different origins. The parental origin, was traced back to be my Mum, who said, "Cos you were so skinny and hairy and without both front teeth somemore. Isn't it suitable (Mm ngam meh?)".

Arang Hitam/ Hak Tan (Origin: Choo) (Used by: Choo, Steve, Tan)
Do u even want an explanation? A very un-creative nickname. Seriously. At least give me something with inside-joke-properties or hidden meanings like WaterMelon la. I am a bit bit bit dark all the while, but u could have called me Hitam Manis. Maybe you were just bad in Malay.

38 Pig (Origin: KangNing) (Used by: KangNing, Amanda, Cheryl, Su-ee)
This is unjustified! Totally unjustified. In a way, they were just to lazy to type more for 38 Pig actually can be more accurately conveyed as 'Merry-making Piggie'. Aww, such a sweet name~

Lola (Origin: Amanda) (Used by: Amanda, Cheryl, Su-ee)
Why isn't KangNing's name here? Well, she doesn't really call me by name. Apparently, during the course of our friendship, Loretta evolved to 'ui'. But how this name came about, it happened so suddenly I dun even know why. But my bet is on Loretta being tooooooo long to be pronounced by these people. Variations include LolaLo, just for the fun of it.

Lor (Origin: Unclear & WanRu) (Used by: Choo and the gang and WanRu)
Apparently, even Lola is too long. Am I not worth that much of ur time, energy, memory, or saliva? My tears shall conquer the world now. There are two origins, as most of my closest buddies call me this in high school until now. But somehow, WanRu caught up. Evolution is a scary thing. I wonder to wat extent my name will be diminished to....

Duck (Origin: SiewChin) (Used by: unclear)
I was described as a duck. According to Miss Ho, it is cos, I look calm and confident outside all the time? U must be scratching your head, finding the point of relevance. Well, allow the theory to really ENLIGHTEN u. *Ahem* A duck's facial expression remains calm and cool although actually it is paddling its legs real hard to stay afloat. Wah. Geng.

Lorenta (Origin: Amy) (Used by: Amy)
This is exclusive man! For to master it, you have got to have the accent and the feel for it! Ratchaburi style, yo! copyrighted to Amy. And I wonder how I could change it?

Vainpot (Origin: Amanda) (Used by: Amanda)
This is not true at all. Rite, vain kontena?

....Hmm, any others? I cant seem to remember any others but I am sure there are more!! Vicious ones which defy the truth! Remind me if I missed any ya, Steve. I know u love keeping track about these things and well, you excel at it. :P

I hope I'll be able to upload pics soon! Cos u wanna see rite?

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