Thursday, September 27, 2007

I shall have Milo everyday

I shall have Milo everyday

I have just feasted my eyes and watched every bit of details in the new episode of HEROES Season 2. It wasn't at all disappointing. Although, all the spoilers I have accumulated inside of me couldn't help bursting out whenever a familiar scene shows up, but I was still as excited as a school girl. What the, I am still a school girl *blush*. Awww, u guys!

How can I not be filled with suspense??
And the brotherly love of Peter and Nathan. I literally rejoiced and tears almost filled my eyes when Nathan made his mum leave. Go go go. And all the other twist and turns became the highlight of my mundane day.

Well not exactly a mundane day it was today. After all, I was so productive that I almost finished my Genomics report. Ah-ha!!! Gotcha!! Scared all of u rite? Terbeliak mata neh? (Special section for Amanda, Cheryl and maybe Su-ee? Oh wait, Su-ee said before, "Dun have that much time to read ur blog. Mou liu." Maybe I shud blog about her again to make her enter this zone of mine. See I am risking my life here to just make Su-ee understand more about this little world of mine. Where, everything runs my style!...And where everyone must love Milo, Teru,..etc!).

No la... I haven't done my report lah... Probably around 5% towards completion. Geng!

The reason my day wasnt mundane is - I just witnessed a live Justin Timberlake dance fest. And was it not exciting since the star of the show was my sis? No, I tell u, she is a natural. In fact, she is bringing something so fresh into the "normal" and "classy" robotic dance style of Justin. If only I could get some pictures or videos. I am sure she is well on her road to become a professional dancer. I can just sense it.

To be able to incorporate booty-shaking (uncontrollably) into every single dance step of the otherwise robotic Justin dance. What is it? Talent.

To not forget shaking her booty (unconciously) during an attempted moonwalk. What is it? Gift.

To continue shaking her booty (unstoppably) even when there is a brief stop i music, where Justin is chilling. What is it? Professionalism.

To just shake her booty (unconcerned-ly) regardless of what, where, who, when of the dance!! What is it? Will-power.

Let us all give way to a new star in the rising. Talent. Gift. Professionalism. Will-power. Lowena has it all. And she's got her booty to shake and a world to save.

The most important part of a show or most emphasized event, is always placed last. I believe so. Why? Cos my dear Milo appeared last in the new episode of Heroes! A new discovery for today. That is why, I waited and fighted the toilet-urge for so long before I went to the toilet. But of cos, being the last. There must be some explosive, suspensive or exciting elements! And Milo didn't disappoint at all. So when I finally go to the toilet tonight, I shall announce it to my sleeping mum at high amplitude. *nods* This shall be my plan for tonight.

So as a tribute to Milo for a job well-done (it is not easy to save New York in style, sacrifice yourself as a bomb and still be so darn good-looking, or hotter, after that!), I shall drink Milo everyday with a crooked smile on my face. Why?

Well, cos that is the closest connection between me and him. Puzzled? Read this:
'Loretta is bringing Milo with her to the party and of cos, it will be sweet.'

Want another example?
'Oh, my Milo is so sweet and warm, don't you think so?'

Get the picture? There is REALITY in that.
You can't deny it!

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