Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Renewing my vows to Shiro

Today I am going to renew my vows to Shiro.

Over this year, our relationship has changed.

We started out in such a purely loving way. I could never wait to go home to see him and he would welcome me with his wagging tail and high-pitched puppy bark. I would teach him to sit and he would do everything for a small little bite of snack.

In between a lot happened. We moved together to a new place and started staying with new people - friends of mine but strangers to him.

One of his owners started working away from home most of the time. I got busier with work too.

Shiro was going through his teenaged years I think. Going through a cycle of being rebellious - being fascinated at new things - developing an adult bark - learning more things.

Our relationship was tried - stress - from our own lives, from circumstances, from others.

I grew cranky. I was stricter. I disciplined him hard.

Until a point when I just had to ask myself, "How did things turn out this way?"

He is my companion, not a watchdog.
He is my best friend, not a follow-dog.
I brought him into my family, I should give him love.

Be it to teach him, to discipline him - it should be out of love.
And not to meet others' expectations.

I know this might sound weird.

Quoted from a friend, "If you don't stand up for your dog, who will?"

I think I have lost myself for a while there and I have not been there for Shiro. Physically yes, but emotionally, no.

I lost track of my role in Shiro's life.
More over teaching him, leading him and taking care of him - to love him.

Here, I renew my vows and strive to build a stronger relationship with my dear Shiro.

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