Thursday, July 23, 2009

Here's Looking At You

"The girl beside me was checking you out just now."

This was the statement which made Mr Tan smile the whole night away.

Call him vain or egoistic or attention-seeking. But I must admit I would feel flattered and have a slight walk on air too if I find someone doing the same to me.

The cute guy in aviator sunglasses on the train.
The nerdy uni-goer in his trackpants.
The spiky-haired high school kid 3/4 my age.
The man with the comb-over hairstyle with an umbrella.

A shy/sly smile. A slightly lingering look.

. . . Provided it is not weird in any way. Or else it might end up like what I heard the other day in the train where a lady said (in a loud voice), "Excuse me, can you please stop looking at me?"

Some people tend to look away abruptly or turn around to stare at the other person like a hawk when they feel like they are being looked at. This, I believe, usually scares the jeep outta the 'admirer' creating a lose-lose situation.

'Admiree' feeling angry or suppressing glee to appear uninterested and dignified (?).
'Admirer' feeling embarassed and slightly foolish to have appeared interested.

Believe me, I have been in both positions!

But the experience of growing up and grooming up made me realize - this is all just an innocent form of attraction.

If you sense someone looking at you, try to look back at him/her and smile back. Create a win-win situation :-) I am very sure this will make both your and his/her day brighter.

Hold on, it doesn't end here - it is a chain event.

Your confidence gets boosted.
You look forward to going to everyday.
You enjoy grooming yourself.
You smile at your own reflection in the mirror.


Thinking you read about yourself on 'Here's looking At You' section of MX! (when there were probably another thousand girls in black and on the 5.04 pm Cranbourne line from Flinders).

The point is: "So what! I feel good about myself!" And that is the spirit we all should have.

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