Thursday, July 23, 2009

Food Diary

Have you ever heard of a food diary?

Food diary is a health and fitness concept where you note down everything you have consumed every day. This helps to not only keep track of what you eat but also to remind yourself of what you forgot you have eaten. By evaluating your notes, you will be able to find out more information about your diet in terms of food class, nutritional intake, calorie count and eating pattern. This, in turn, is helpful in answering questions with regards to weight loss and health problems.

Apparently, this is a pretty good method to monitor one's diet and discipline one's eating habit.

Two things, the Queen of Dessert-Of-All-Kinds really need.

Does it work?

Carrie Underwood swears by this method. According to her, it makes her realize how much she has eaten by the end of the day instead of forgetting about the 'never-mind-la-one-bite-don't-count' snacks.

Determined, I am going to publish my food diary here for one week starting from today. Let's see what story it tells.

NEWSFLASH** The very first Lindt Cafe just opened at 271 Collins Street! It is my absolute favourite chocolate place. Eversince chancing upon its Iced Chocolate in Sydney, all other hot chocolates around here have tasted like milk chocolate with 10x dilution factor. So, the verdict is, GO NOW!

. . . And call me along :-)

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