Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hair Only

I have always been quite adventurous when it comes to hairstyle. Instead of holding on to my long locks or being locked in the same style for years, I love seeing the an insta-change a dramatic change brings.

Whenever I am seated at a hairdresser's I get wild ideas. While trimming my ends I would feel like screaming, "Cut them all short!" Or if I am straightening my long hair, I would feel like getting the 50's glamour curl.
Over the years, I have documented quite a few 'disastrous' experiments. The OTT-Orange hair, the greasy curls, the 'curtain'-licious fringe and the Grandma-imitation.

Of course, there are also the luscious waves, the spunky short in red and the gorgeous layering (which I failed to maintain).

There is just one thing which . . . interrupts my creative free spirit when it comes to hair.

My source of inertia - Mr Tan.

Every trip back from the hairdresser will see him greeting me with, "What happened? Can you go back to your previous hairstyle?"

But Positive Girl here was never discouraged - for 3 years - erm and after many disasters.

So my latest adventure saw me straightening my hair. A big move. Considering the last time I did that was more than 5 years ago and it became like a big pack of bihun (except it was black). This is a stepping stone towards my dream hair. Reira-hair!

To get Reira-hair I have to grow it really long without much maintenance needed. So long, black and straight. Easiest.

The moment my Sister saw me she labeled me a failed Cleopatra. Wah ha ha, funny meh?

Then after some months, I asked a few friends, "Do you think I look better in curly or straight hair?" EVERYONE said curly hair works better for me!

So I have been addicted to curling my hair lately.

The only problem is?

A year ago, when I had curly hair and the hairdresser blew-straight it for me temporarily, EVERYONE told me I looked better with straight hair.


Some side quest-ions:

Is my face looking chubbier?

Do you feel happier whenever you feel like you matched your clothes creatively?

Do you want to see a picture of my OTT-ORANGE hair?

4 Hikari*fications!:

Chinzie said...

My vote: Straight hair!

No your face still look really "pointy".

Yes I wana see the orange hair! (and scream AH LIAN!!)

hikari* said...

My face is not pointy anymore, notice the puffiness around my cheeks?

You never miss a chance to see me in my most undignified moments yeah?

The 10000x mentioning of Platinum throwing up incident and so on.

Shinyi said...

i want to see the ott orange hair!


hikari* said...

Sweat. It was really orange you know, you guys sure you will still want me as a friend after seeing that?

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