Tuesday, July 7, 2009

R-A-Y-M-O-N-D, got it?

Hi all.

I have a fair share of posts about my boyfriend, don't I? By now, I think everyone has a pretty good idea what kind of a person he is, what he looks like or at the very least his NAME?

Or so I thought.

Me: Yeah, Ray bla bla bla...

ZZ: Who is Ray?

Me: Omg, are you telling me you forgot my boyfriend's name???

ZZ: Huh? His name is Ray?? I thought it was Mr Tan!

That was disappointing.

Person A: Mr Tan bla bla bla.
Person B: Uncle Tan bla bla bla.

But after a few times, it became surprising....and a bit disturbing.

Have I so cruelly replaced his name with my cheap-o nicknames?

But before that, I called him Uncle Tan/ Mr Tan out of affection! How come the whole world seems to be addressing him by that as well? So you all have affection towards him as well?

Despite so.
Despite all this.

I must admit responsibility. Sincerely. Whole heartedly.

For even a brisk through my previous posts will find enough evidence to hold me accountable and guilty for this terrible offence with probably 100 years of imprisonment or more.

Manly Ray, General Tan, Uncle Tan, Mr Tan, etc *sniff*

But oh-well, Everybody Loves Raymond.

P/S: I have to insert a bit about myself haha. Nicknames, like these, once they catch on or sound nice to the ear, it spreads like virus. Amy called me Lorenta when I first knew her. Then did not bother to change after we got close. Then addressed me by that to her friends when I went to Thailand. Now, I am Lorenta to the small population of Thai people I know here.

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