Friday, July 10, 2009

Three new dollops of sunshine in Melby

For the past few weeks, I have been living under the them of 'all bundled up'.

Under layers and layers of fabric.

Approximately 2 metres long of unkempt fringe.

Let us not venture into the 3 blankets and sitting posture at night.

So it is a mighty cheer-up to know that some dollops of sunshine are coming over from Malaysia.

Yeah due to their as of current non-existent internet connection, I now have exclusive news about Amanda, Su-ee and Melcwf. All the gossips, sightings, quotes and paparazzi shots of them. First of all, did you know that. . . nah, that was just a joke. I am not that 8. What were you even thinking? Cher.

We met up for the first time yesterday after dropping by at Prahran for a fringe-cut and was told that the parting on the left I have had for years was a result of me losing hair around that area.*sniff* I have already tried to make it sound as not-a-big-deal or as nonchalant as possible but.. but... losing hair! Why am I not losing hair at areas I hope it to?

Anyway, we went for a nearby Thai restaurant called Your Thai along Swanston Street and proceeded to catch up and be snap-happy.

It is disappointing when the first thing your friend asked you after such a long time was, "Eh, Lola, how come you are still so skinny?" *Sweat* Am I usually that fat? Or have you always known me when I was fat?

My actions did not help support my case though when Amanda had a Grilled Chicken Salad while Su-ee and Melissa gasped "Omg, the portion is so big" at the dish they were sharing, while I almost finished up a dish on my own before offering words of advice, "Don't worry, after a while you won't think the portion is that big anymore!" (Words of wisdom must be bolded!) Not exactly wise, eh.

It was fun listening to their stories about city life and starting university soon and being high on night walks along the Yarra River. At this point I offered another wise advice, "Walking at night is better if you have a cup of hot chocolate in your hands". See, I really don't understand how I gained so much weight during my first year here. So strange neee.

The three then showed me their new place near Melbourne Central. 1 minute walk to Amanda and Su-ee's campus. 5 minutes walk to Melissa's campus. Loads of restaurants and shopping places in between nyahaha.

This is the game of GUESS WHO again! Correct answers get a pressie!
I did not have much time to check out their apartment cause. . . we were rushing to do some shopping. Shopping, SHOPPING!!! Yeah, after yesterday I am officially on a Shopping High. Don't cure me. For Iam going to Chaddy in the next hour for. . . ergh, sightseeing? Hehe.

Here is the final photo of the not-so-vain ones! I kidnapped Amanda's hat haha. It is squashed safely in my red handbag.

I have now a new place to hang out and crash at in the city! How cool is that! I foresee dinner invitations, house parties, free accommodation. Mmmm-mmm. It is good to have friends around you :-)

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Melcwf said...

SO what NEWS have you got on us eh?
Btw I bought that Oxfords for $29 and boots for $52 woo hoo!!!!


hikari* said...


Haha,I got mine for $69 (OXFORD) last time! But it is a definite keep. Worth every penny!

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