Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Shiro Diary #2

Keeping a puppy really isn't as it seems in those Kleenex advertisements. For one, what used to be "Aww so cute" is now "Shiro NO Shiro!".

For a puppy his age, Shiro is proving to be quite the multitasker.
The entertainer

He draws laughs and is adorable.

The lightbulb

Whenever Mr Tan and I stand next to each other or sit next to each other, Shiro has to be sleeping on one of our feet. Even if we try to stop him, he will somehow manage to scurry his way in.
The troublemaker

Crying relentlessly all night long during his first few nights. Right now, crying at 6.30-7 a.m. every morning (I hope this continues to improve).

Rebelling against toilet training. Not pee-poo-ing when we bring him to the backyard only to pee-poo as soon as he gets back in.

Going on random bursts of hyper-ness then proceeding to bite, growl - and to be scolded.

The cat

He has gained a reputation as Shiro the Cat among some of my friends. Why? He sleeps a lot and deeply. Once I carried him up and swayed him around mid-air only to have him continue sleeping. Second, his sleeping posture is really like a cat. Third, he looks like a cat sometimes.

The genius

I must say, he is quite a quick learner. Let's see, Shiro has been with us for a week now and he has learnt to come at the cue of 'Come Shiro Come', to sit and to fetch. Not bad eh!

And his most genius work? To look at us with those eyes as pictured above whenever he does something wrong. Brat.


Having a dog really changes your life - literally - your sleeping hours, your timetable, your discipline.

Raymond went from someone who was totally untouched by a cute video of two penguins holding hands to someone who coo-ed, "Shiro you are so cute, aren't you?".

Ser Ley went from the cute as button and soft-mannered as feather girl to the petite "NO!" commander and our coach in dog-disciplining!

Li Let went from coo-ing all over pets to . . .well, still as loving as ever.

Let me show you guys Shiro's journal for the day:

7.05am - Woke up
7.10am - Pooed at backyard
7.15am - Breakfast
7.30am - Peed at home
9.40am - Peed at home
8.00 am - Slept
9.40am - Peed inside
10am - Morning snack
11am - Slept
11.40am - Peed outside
11.45am - Pooed inside
12-1pm - Sleep
1pm - Peed inside
1.30pm - Lunch
2pm - Slept
3.20pm - Woke up and peed outside
4.00pm - Peed inside
4.15pm - 6pm - Slept
6pm - Woke up peed outside
6.10pm - Pooed outside
6.30pm - Peed inside
9.20pm - Peed inside

. . . and still tracking.

Phuuu. This bundle of joy doesn't come with no hard work.

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