Tuesday, August 4, 2009

An Early City

I saw toothpaste stain on my pajama just now.

All because I woke up at 5.15 a.m. and brushed my teeth like a drunkard this morning. It was so early that the state of Huntingdale Station during then was identical to the state of the station at night.

Even the train compartments were all lighted up and people were zombies alive.
But there is a different feeling to the city when it is that early in the morning. The view of Federation Square from Flinders Station spelt tranquility, enveloping ever so softly, excitement.

Every step I took made me feel like my heart beat not faster, but louder. Every breath I took was not shorter, but stronger. I felt like I had no hesitation at that very moment. All I wanted to do was to march towards the excitement, grasp it and enjoy it while masking this overwhelming desire of mine with tranquility.

It's the feeling of "I want it right now".

I want it right now.


The reason I went to the city that early in the morning was to attend the BioMelbourne Breakfast at the Melbourne Town Hall. As it was my first time, I was all excited and jittery. But thanks to the nice people and interesting talks, it was the highlight of my day, or even of 2009. Meeting experienced and established people within your field really does motivate you to fight harder and reach higher.

Which explains my success in scoring 4 different samples of eye cream from David Jones right after the event. Ker-ching in pocket!

Which also explains my achievement in discovering a new cupcake place in Melbourne Central known as Cupcake Bakery (a few doors away from Max Brenner) with the cutest cupcakes ever. As cute as those from Little Cupcakes on Degraves Street. Yup yup.

Of all the drool-worthy choices, I chose Red Velvet and Strawberry Vanilla.

I love buying cute stuffs like this to eat with Mr Tan.

(1) Makes him feel happy.

(2) Cuts half of my calorie consumption. Ker-ching in my pocket again!

Doesn't it make your day?

Now the drool-worthy shots.

I want it right now.

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