Friday, August 7, 2009

You have to love DigiCams.

I think Digital Cameras may be one of the best inventions ever this century.

All the shots below would be in the "Waste 'fui-lim' (film)" category should digital cameras not exist. [Exact words are quoted from my Sibuga Grandma in hakka: Sai 'fui-lim'!]

Camwhoring would be impossible without wasting 80% of the fui-lim.

Photos with no faces would be a waste of fui-lim! And don't even start on photos of food!

Pictures of socks, is more waste fui-lim than photos of food.

Upside down photos of 'toothless' moments are not fui-lim worthy.

Two big, squashed faces - fui-lim expensive okay?

Photos with your idol - in the cardboard form - will not be allowed.

Random moments of explosive laughter would normally be passed just in case it turns out bad or blurry or pointless - most importantly, waste of fui-lim.

Picture of your Grandma transforming into a super dumpling with half of your aunt will be given the same 'fui-lim' sentence.

Photos without a visible face even if it was a work of nature will make you a 'fui-lim' criminal as well.

No one would want to take pictures like this, what more print out and save up 4 versions of it.

Precious moments will be harder to capture with the "Did I get it?","Stop her from moving!" and "Don't waste fui-lim!" struggles!

Monkeying around with cameras will be frowned upon ("Waste money waste fui-lim!") rather than snickered upon ("So funny, here also wanna take picture").

A picture of stopping other from taking your picture will not be funny ("Look at your face, it is so cute!") but be expensive ("You wasted one picture, pay the fui-lim cost please").

There will be less pictures showing your real-connection with friends as the days of fui-lims have always seen them used for group pictures where everyone wore their Colgate smile and stood straight.

Pictures like this will be inserted into the family photo album with reluctance ("What were you doing? Fui-lim no need money?") instead of being saved into the computer and published on a blog with joy("Damn Godzilla you").

Pictures which continues to mean nothing would not be stored in my computer for more than 3 years!

Magic moments like this will be so hard to capture or you will not know about it until you get the pictures printed or you will not be able to laugh about it until you get it printed and shared with everyone!

Sleeping pictures, with thumbs in it somemore, will be the highest 'fui-lim' crime!

Close up pictures, especially with 'weird' expressions, will draw instant frowns and then, cold hard stares from others.

Pictures where there is an imbalance of readiness will generate mixed feelings of gladness ("I look prettier than her, yes!!") and annoyance ("Waste my fui-lim only, can't she just stop eating for like 2 seconds?"). When digital, you can either request it to be deleted or chances are, you are so used to this pictures you laugh as soon as you see it.

Pictures of irrelevant objects like cardboards in a foreign country will be a big, big mistake. After all fui-lims are limited and should be used wisely. Reasons like 'the girl in the cardboard in Bangkok looking 100% like your sister' will not help.

Funny pictures of people stoning or unready will not be so funny if they were the ones who bought the fui-lim.

Artistic pictures will be extremely limited no matter how much you want to emulate Jay Chou.

The ones being pictured hold a responsibility too! You don't want to spoil a picture and waste some fui-lim by doing something stupid ON YOUR OWN. Unless it is a group thing!

Random hair moments will have to be memorized instead of immortalized in pictures. One, the person might react fast enough to stop you (not really applicable here, as you see, the person in this picture was basking in the limelight). Two, it is a waste of fui-lim.
And picture like this will be - a death sentence. Funny, but deadly.

Let us all scream this now:

Thanks for all the stupid memories - Digicams! Muaks.

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