Saturday, August 15, 2009

An invitation to Lindt Cafe

Dear readers,
I have just relived the most chocolicious moment of my life. Never have I imagined that the choco-dream I had in Sydney last year would come all the way to Melbourne, and soon enough to Chadstone.

This love affair started since November 2008. While on Sydney soil, we were pushed relentlessly by Miss Glyniss to visit this little cafe no matter how impossibly busy or short our trip was. Being a good friend, of course, I agreed to do so. Being the ever glutton, of course, Mr Tan agreed to do so as well. (Over Hurricane ribs, mind you)

Hence, the fateful meeting with Lindt Cafe.

And the strong bond of 'happiness' (read my T-shirt) between Lindt, Me and Mr Tan.

The Saturday two weeks ago, Mr Tan suggested for all of us to go pay a respectful visit to the Lindt Cafe here in Melbourne. It did not take much persuading or spreading of the news. For some reasons, everyone as excited. The Chocoholics, the non-Chocoholics.

Lindt Cafe here is situated at 271 Collins Street, right next to Tiffany&Co. Chocolates and diamonds are a girl's best friends, mm-mm.

All choco-goodness has a price (in addition to the literal price), so we waited in line for a good 30+ minutes before being seated. Mostly, due to our large group of 7. But we were given free Lindt chocolate squares while waiting in line!

The setting of Lindt Cafe is amazing. Bright white walls. Extensive glass panels. A mini library when you look up. Chandeliers. Did I mention Tiffany&Co being next door?

Let me introduce the stars of the day:

The cakes were impeccable. To a certified-Chocoholic like me, the burst of chocolate-yness, the richness of the accompaniments like caramel and cheese, and the layers of different texture or colour in the cake - made my day a smiley happy lucky day.

But, my all time favourite - one which made me a picky Chocolate-drinker - is: The Iced Dark Chocolate.

The first sip I took, I thought, "I missed you." With a tear in my left eye.

It is great when you go with friends cause you can order more and try more of the variety they have there.

Better still, if they are girlfriends, whom you can spend the time gossipping with.

Given the beautiful setting, one could almost always snap a magazine-cover worthy picture there. As seen below.

When the truth is, there were cakes and drinks and choco-crazy customers all around you!

A date with Lindt Cafe, a date with great company and beautiful chocolates.

So excited and crazy am I over this little gem of a store that (I mean Lindt, not Tiffany&Co with no intentions of hinting whatsoever cough cough) I think everyone should go in for a slice of chocolate heaven.

So to any readers out there who:

Are in Melbourne and need some chocolatey-company;
Will be visiting Melbourne and need some chocolatey-memory;
Just wants to be chocolatey-crazy;

You know who to call. I am absolutely happy to.


2 Hikari*fications!:

Melcwf said...

I'm in Melbourne, CBD mind you, and would like some chocolatey company
Have conquered koko black, max brenner and theobroma already.
set a date will you?

hikari* said...

Dear Melcwf,

I would be willing to do so. Please set a date and we shall meet for a tete-a-tete.

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