Saturday, August 15, 2009

'Give-Loretta-A-Japanese-Spitz' fund

It all started with the scary screams all the way from the backyard to my Grandma's house's compound to the stumbling into the front door which saw my cute baby sister of age 10+ being chased by a cute puppy of age 2 months/size of less than 25 cm.
So I have never had a puppy before in my life.

For those who have me on MSN (and realise that I am on their list) would have noticed that I have been going Dog/Puppy-crazy.

I have always been oogling at puppies at pet stores. Complete with the 'awwww's, 'ooooh's, and 'so cute(!!!)'s.

And then I fell in love.

Never have I seen a creature so adorable, so precious and so charming.

Isn't that a white fluff of joy? This is a Japanese Spitz puppy.

Ever since that day, I have been going to the pet store every time I visit Chaddy to repeat the combo of 'awww', 'oooh' and 'so cute(!!!)'. I also started googling about everything dog - how to take care, how to train, how to get free dogs, etc.

Oh, did I hear you ask why I did not get the puppy? Well, it just costs $1800, that's all. Sniff. Sniff.

A friend of mine was nice enough to give me the privilege of dog-sitting for her while she was busy. Of course, I screamed, 'Yes!'. It was so much fun!

I have always had big mean looking dogs at my Grandma's place. The un-huggable, snarling, shoe-biting, chicken-killing (it killed a chicken right in front of my 12-year-old friends on my birthday!) and fighting-scars-bearing dogs. I would fawn over the dogs while they were puppies with innocent-looking eyes before distancing myself once they approach my height *ahem*

I must say the experience with a small dog is entirely different. Given my short stature, yeah, the difference was big.

Introducing Scooby. He is a cute little Bichon x Shih Tzu.

Not only did he not snarl at me, he sat at on my feet and watched me as I preparing to cook.

Not only did he not chase anyone, he crept up to Mr Tan's side and read with him.

Not only is he not taller than me, he is just as tall as my waist when he stands up and dances.

And most important of all - look at those innocent little teddy bear eyes *awwww*

I have gotten mixed reactions when I conveyed this childhood dream of mine to friends and family.

Me: I want a puppy!
Dad: Har? Erm...... Oh..... Mmmm.....
Me: ....Just kidding har har.
Dad: Oh, you were just kidding!!

Me: I want a puppy!
Mum: Why? There will be a lot to do, cleaning, taking care. It is like a small human... (went on for another 15 mins)
Me: Kidding kidding. . .
Mum: I know you were not kidding!!!

Cousin Ivy: Grandma said not to get a puppy.
Me: How did she know about it!
Cousin Ivy: I told her about it haha. She said to take good care of yourself first, before a puppy.
Me: I am taking very good care of myself.
Cousin Ivy: Grandma said, still cannot.

Lowena on my Facebook status about Scooby: Who is Scooby?????? Don't tell me u got a dog, for real OMG. (I am pretty sure if I answered 'yes' or did not reply, the next message would be "I'm telling Mum!!!!!!!!!")

Daniel: You must think about the cost, the responsibility, the on-going commitment.
Me: I know. I will think carefully about it.

Jess: There is a lot of commitment, cost, responsibility but then again, I have always loved dogs and have 4 Shih Tzus at home.
Me: I know. I will think carefully about it.

SueLi: There is a lot of things to consider before getting a dog. Are you prepared etc.
Me: I know. I will think carefully about it.

That's the snapshot there.

But I have been thinking and thinking, craving and craving for a long time now. (All because of my cute sister, cis) I mean, I know it is a big responsibility and everything, but if I keep thinking, won't I be waiting forever?

I do agree that I feel anxious, though. Sigh.

We should all go back to thinking about the hefty price tag. Sigh x 1000.

So I came up with an idea. I am going to start a 'Give-Loretta-A-Japanese-Spitz' fund. This fund will be where all my TRUE and BEST friends 'donate'/'contribute' to fulfilling their TRUE and BEST friend, Loretta's dream in getting a Japanese Spitz puppy.

As simple as that. Simple and pure love and friendship. ;-)

So if you are a TRUE friend of mine, please 'contribute' and enjoy good karma for the rest of your life!

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