Thursday, August 27, 2009

The CORE of 2009

Ah, spring is coming and summer is next. Time for my annual resolution to go into motion again; if not in action/ outcome, let it be in the mind/ imagination.

I want to develop my abs and strengthen my core!
(If you trace back to my posts around this time for the past few years, chances are you are going to see this statement everywhere.)

The very first time I realised the existence of flabbiness/tummy-ness was during Primary 5/6. I was undressing to shower when I suddenly felt all heavy and weird around my waist. One look to the mirror, the thought dawned upon me for the first time, "Wah, I have a tou-lam."

This thought used to be very-much foreign to me before that historical moment, ya know. I used to be extremely skinny. I did not like sharks fin soup, egg yolks, duck, lamb, chocolates, onions, spring onions, water chestnuts, pizza toppings, etc. So, my Mum, outta wits, resorted to a Chinese-herbal supplement which made me - hungry, drowsy, hungry, drowsy, hungry, drowsy. And finally FAT.

And ever since this angelic deed of my beloved Mum, I have never had a living moment without a flabby tummy (living moment since on several occasions I have seen myself with washboard abs, surfing, in my dreams). So much so that I began to think it was abnormal to have flat abs.

Until the time I attended the Army Camp during From 5 (I think??) and roomed with 6 other girls my age. Wah, everyone had such tiny waists and flat tummies. And I remember one of the girls saying (I was never close to her lor), "Wah, Ah Lo, you are quite fat around your waist!" I was embarassed but so what, I laughed ah.

Then several years went by when I began to convince myself again that flat abs are abnormal. Especially having gone through the horrid winter weight gain during my first year in Australia and feeling absolutely fine or unaware about that!

And so I met Glyniss, Jing, Chloe, Donna and Siau Man for our L'Oreal Cash Your Dreams Project. They looked really fit and it was not a surprise - when we met up to talk at One Utama. They has flat abs and it was a shock to my system - when they heated up the runway during the finals night.

Shit, flat abs really does exist. Living, breathing, toned and sexy just inches away from me.

Miss Lo, pushing 23. Must. Get. Flat. Abs. 2009.

The reason why I never achieve the abs of fortune?

I suck at core exercise. Instead of my abs, my lower back hurts. I bend my neck and strain my back instead. My mind wander off to the warmth of sunshine and hot surfer dudes . . . and a Me with washboard abs in a tropical bikini.

Snap. Then back to reality. Aiyak. Back pain. Sleep. Start again tomorrow.

Snap. Eh Summer is here ady!?

Snap. Winter ending again la. Mmmm, time for my resolution again.

Ok, wipe away all that. This 2009, I am determined! Any good exercise suggestions for the weak-backed that is me?

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