Sunday, October 3, 2010


I have had no inspiration to blog lately. This used to be my rant place where I note down everything that made me happy, sad, angry, confused, scared - a place for emotions to be captured much like how photographs capture memories.

But lately, I think I have lost this part of me - the energy to rant.

Well, I still do. Mostly to Mr Tan. The difference is, after that I don't note it down here.

What is wrong with me?
I used to to so love writing. I looked forward to writing.

Maybe I have found another emotional/memory vault.

Or maybe, the answer is just as simple as I have been too busy to write. Which makes me think, who can ever be too busy to do something they enjoy? (After all, this is one of the things I don't believe in - being too busy is always just an excuse in my eyes)

I should start to re-evaluate my life and see what has kept me so occupied.

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