Monday, September 27, 2010

Sugar sugar

I was wondering today. Well I have been wondering for most of my life - if I could ever be swimsuit model-fit.

It seems so hard yet the fundamentals are so simple:

Avoid sugar and anything sweet.

Eat only when hunger strikes.

Fill up on fresh vegetables and fruits.

Avoid processed food especially those deep fried. Drink more water and less sweet drinks.

And of course, exercise regularly.

See, the basics are all here in my mind and the goal has been set in my heart forever.
But what is making all this so hard?
My wandering gourmet eye, fluttering foodie heart, adventurous taste buds and tireless sugar rush - these are the problems.
So hereinafter, I am gonna try to remodel my diet.
I love sugar but we can go on a long distance relationship :
And to up my exercise regime . . . what, the gym? Nah, just more shopping :)

Such life is hard.

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Mizmanda said...

Aw, you're being too hard on yourself. Whats the point of being a girl if you can't indulge your sweet tooth once awhile, eh? xD

Girl phowarrr!

hikari* said...

I just want to see if I can ever get rid of my food baby :P It has forever been here, loyal and all.

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