Thursday, September 23, 2010

Power Lo is back

I managed to keep it quite discreet but I have been quite under the weather for the past week (haha).

So to prove that I am back to my former indestructible self, let me remind myself just how indestructible I am.

By showing you the buffet-competition Ray and I had the other week. And we are planning to make this a monthly affair. Ahem.

Contestant #1 - Cheesy Tan

Contestant #2 - Power Lo

Okay, wait, that wasn't exactly the picture to exemplify my power or aura. . . .

Take two:

Contestant #2 - POWER LO (Caps somemore see)

We went to the buffet at Melba Restaurant, Langham Hotel following rave reviews from friends. I starved myself the whole of Friday . . . .but in the end we failed to book on that night. We actually went on Saturday night when I did not starve myself during the day for.

Armed with the love of food and our beloved Entertainment Card, off we strutted to the glam Langham Hotel is loose clothes.

Below are the food we gobbled up between the hours of 7-9.30 pm :)

All sorts of appetizers from wakame to salami to pickles to salad to smoked salmon to weird unidentified rice-things.

Sashimi platter which made Cheesy Tan's kiasu-ness light up.

Selection of warm food ranging from roast pumpkin to fish to Indian dishes.

Peking duck and little dim sums.

Cauliflower cream soup with breadsticks, croutons and rye bread. Oh and fruits as deco.

Selection of fresh seafood -yabbies, prawns, oysters, crabs!

Dessert time: Ice-cream with amateur decorations :P

Pear and butter pudding, chocolate fondue with hundreds and thousands and fruits


Rice pudding :)

Was I defeated in the end? Nah. I could still go for a round of McD McFlurry's but Cheesy Tan was outta shape so. . . . we called it a night. I was. . . alright although only my feet remained the same size when stepping outta Melba :P

2 Hikari*fications!:

Jean said...

haha... just wanted to say Round is still a Shape! :D
How are you Loretta!

hikari* said...

Hi Jean, I am doing ALRIGHT - can always be better eh (as in not round!)? How are you?

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