Friday, June 20, 2008

Sunshine in my winter

You know the small 'things' boyfriends do to show their possession over their girlfriend? Something like marking their territory? Usually done subtly like putting their hand over her all the time, . . well, I am marked. Not so subtly.

A short trip to the toilet in the Law Library led to multiple 'duck marks' on my pens, bottle and pen drive. So now, I officially belong to . . .

. . . this Manhattan Natural Beauty. Gomen to all interested parties. *Ahem*

By the way, this is the front of my house. After seeing the world motto motto clearly thanks to the power of contact lenses (POWER!!), the nature around my house is really quite nice. . .

And of course, a nice house with nice nature, must have some really nice residents ne. . .

Ergh, actually this is not the nicest resident in the house. Let me officially introduce the nicest ever ever EVER new resident in this house of mine.This memory card here has travelled thousands of miles over seas and mountains from its neglected presence in Lagoonview to its current meaningful and precious position in Marshall. I asked my sister to send over our memory card and borrowed Daniel's PS2 and asked Uncle Tan to 'find' me Final Fantasy XII. So now I am a happy Final Fantasy XII playing resident :-)

What happened to me?
Well, did you know that. . .
GLAY is going to perform in the US! ! ! ! !
They are going international. . .yatta! ! ! ! !
Hence . .
the T-shirt screaming 'Happiness' and the desperately wanna-be Teru influenced style instantly.
My new owner, Manhattan Natural Beauty asked me upon seeing me in this get-up that day, "Read too much Nana?"
A bit of that also la. . . .

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