Monday, June 9, 2008

Fringe it!

I hate Law.

Despite the excitement and love I professed to it in the last post, me and LAW, we are definitely over. So, disregard all those naive and unknowing assumptions I made about the beauty of Law.

What was 'all smiles and nervous little jitters' prior to the exam became full on 'cold sweat and nerve-wrecking horror' during the exam. And after that whirlwind of 90 minutes of Sections, Cases and Judge decisions this and that. . . . I emerged (!!) an expressionless zombie with negative soul and life.

Realizing this, I decided to instill some 'life' into my. . . .rotting zombie 'life'?

I went for a haircut! (**TO SIEWCHIN, yes, new curtains :-P)
Followed my coursemate to a place around Bourke Street and got a good trim and a new set of fringes aka curtains to those who insist to call them so. It was a pretty nice place and after that 30 minutes visit I added a few new missions to be accomplished, hence 'life' was found again!

I wanna:
a) straighten my hair!
b) cut my hair short!
c) revive the dryness!

Muahahahaha. . . donations, anyone?

(Not so CURTAIN rite, this time?)

Spent the whole weekend slacking off, just to take my mind off the aftermath of Law. Food is truly a very good comfort :-).

Love love food. Love love food.
Had Assam Laksa last nite, which was heavy on cucumbers, pineapples and onions. Purely vegetarian, purely light on weight (wink).

Then had the Crepe I have been craving for so long at Melbourne Central. Again, it was a thin piece of egg-based crepe and loaded with strawberries-based ingedients (syrup, whipped cream, the fruit itself and the pudding), so very very very light on weight as well (wink x 100).

One lingering comment on my new fringe and straight hair on Friday night (I had the hairdresser blow straight for me):
"Can return to your normal self like yesterday?"

3 times in 23 months and counting. . . .

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