Friday, May 4, 2007

Filling the Void

Rite now in my mind is a typical anime scene used to describe - isolation, loneliness, silent desire for help, stand alone situations - hitori. A blue scene with loadsa strangers passing by but none noticing the lead character who is standing among them, with eyes looking afar as though blank, and trying to convey a message across, although expressionless. Usually painted in a yellow hue.

When this small part of the scene is gone, the whole picture glooms.

This is how I am feeling now.

When present, the small yellow hue was never significant enough to be noticed but once gone, its importance is felt.

No matter how small something is, its absence will leave a void.
No matter how little you know a person, his/her departure will leave an empty space in your heart.

Just like when my uncle left me. The heartache was intense. The scar was ugly. Things like this are hard to accept or to get used to. After 2 years, sometimes I have to remind myself that he is no longer with us. Is this the reluctance to accept or have I grown used to it?

But all pain will turn into strength eventually.
All tears will turn into courage I believe.
That is how we grow.

Although the void is there, painful as it is fresh and untouched for now, but with time, memories will fill this emptiness to ease the pain and heal the scar. Just as long as we remember to look forward, a little tears, fear, pain and loss, is okay. Live and believe.

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