Saturday, May 19, 2007

Turbulent week

This week had been a turbulent one! Violently so I dare say!

The first turbulence of cos is due to the ever so lovely way Monash treats me. I don't even need to ask for assignments and every helpful little beings in Monash had them arranged properly for me. And although it is quite a lot, I will only need 2 weeks time to do them, cause that is all I am getting anyway. Don't them as mean, readers! They are kind enough to make us finish EVERYTHING in 2 weeks so that we can go for the exams. Oh, kind kind souls.

The next is the turbulent state my dear room is in now. It is like a heaven of paper~ or more specifically, journals~! Dr Robin would LOVE my place! And look at my dressing table - laptop, wires, webcam, bottles of skincare, PAPER, pens, pencils, tissue paper - my little overflowed treasure chest! Oh where is my lab coat again? But fear not, this shall be the first turbulence I calm as a BIGGER TURBULENCE will ensue on Thursday if I don't. Guess what it is?

The messy state my schedule is in! So messy! So messy! OK, out of words to describe. Erm let's just say, there are due dates everywhere and constant change of dates due to procrastination~ How sweet! It makes me feel important and productive actually. Or should I say, it helps to make me feel important and ease my guilt of procrastinating.

Then there is the networking turbulence. No matter how you try, there are bound to be conflicts in you everyday life~ Family, friends, taxi drivers. Then it makes you feel as if, your whole like is and was never stable. Changes take place everyday whether u like it or not. With changes, come instability, and turbulence. Just have to sort it out one by one.

Then pimples. This is a big big SHAKE to me. I never know what to do with them other than staring at them with intense hatred. Swear to wash up everyday, eat less oily or heaty stuff and keep my hands off my face. To find myself failing all of them very very soon. Sigh, oh well!

My life is turbulent. But so is the washing machine when in action. That means, my life is full of action? Woohoo, that is a better perspective.

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