Thursday, February 4, 2010

Rebel today

There was this time when my Mum caught me not showering inside the bathroom (I was reading Detective Conan p/s: my toilet used to be like a manga library) and thunder/lightning-ed me to go shower straight away. So, black face on I stormed into the bathroom. To hide for another 10 minutes before coming out and lying that I had already showered. Oh, and to be caught out by my Mummy Dearest again.

What was the reason?
Was I gross/dirty/unhygienic?
Did I hate water?
Was I lazy?

Hm, I was just. . . .well, I did not feel like doing it.

Let us analyse here:
1) I shower everyday - so it was routine.
2) You have to shower, man - so it was necessary.
3) I feel all yucky if I don't shower at least once a day - so I was not opposed to it.

So, why not?

I guess I was just being a rebel (a tiny one, in this case).

Just like that time when my Mummy Dearest (again) forced me and my sister to wear dresses to a wedding dinner. Sis and I were at our 'why-wear-skirt-don't-want' stage and were totally opposing the ridiculous idea (which turns out stupid on our part cos a dress hides your jolly belly, jiggly tights and well-rounded bum). But Mummy Dearest summoned her thunder and lightning again so there we were in dresses.

Where is the rebelling in this case?

Halfway through the dinner, my sis signalled me.

Sis: Jie, look at this. *Pulls her skirt up to reveal short pants inside*
Me: Wah! *Impressed expression*
Sis: *Smug victorious smile*

A closet-rebel. Opposing without letting the person-in-charge know. Most importantly, feeling very good about it yourself.

So what I really want to say is: Isn't it good to rebel once in a while?

Routines becoming necessities.
Routines becoming something we are neither agreeing nor opposed to.

If we don't act according to our instincts, be it a milisecond tantrum or a mad-streak or a creative deviation, life would just equal routine. And no matter how necessary or neutral we are towards this, routine always means BORING.

Now, do you want your life to be boring?

If there isn't the occasional big-time rebel in the society, where would all the innovation come from? Entrepreuners/ history-makers/ one-hit-wonder pop sensations.

Remember the girl in high school who would purposely un-pin her pinafore?
Oh, and eating that piece of chocolate despite being on diet?
What about remembering but purposely not doing your homework?
Or in my more nerdy case, pretending to not have done your homework and get caned just cause the whole class was? (Yay, for nerdy point minus one)

I think it is necessary to rebel - once in a while - just to keep yourself sane.

The most important thing is to rebel not because you are angry or want to hurt someone. Nothing complicated like that.

Rebel just for the fun and laugh of it.

Believe me, it will make you happier and feel younger (power word) :-D

Ohhh and remember to tell me how you rebelled!

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meng said...

thumbs up to the toilet manga library

hikari* said...

Haha, you should have one too. We constantly destroy and rebuild it depending on whether my Mum found out about it.....

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