Sunday, August 6, 2006


Has there ever been times when you look at something and realize how happy you were in that instance? The whole moment, just like a painting, expressing indescribable feelings of happiness, gratitude and thankfulness. And without you realizing, there it was a silly smile on your face.

Things are always so peculiar and unexpected in this small world of ours. Within the course of days, small things can grow into such big things. Seemingly insignificant things can develop into such important parts of your life. Maybe because of this, we often fear the unknown, but then again, doesn't this make your courage to live through this, shine more brightly?

The world is a beautiful place.

It is times when I stare at those brown eyes that I came to realize how lucky and happy I am rite now, rite here. I hope for these days to continue, till the end of time. Hoping is not good enough, I will work hard for this. I just want to.

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