Friday, July 21, 2006

If I smile today

If I smile today I wonder if I can lighten up someone else's burden?
If I smile today, I wonder if this image will bring about yet another smile 3 days later?

I hope to be smiling all the time.

While smiles are always interpreted as something positive, I wonder if it really holds that promise? We smile to shield our fear, hide our insecurities, comfort our loneliness, restrain our tears, and so on. Don't we do that all the time. So much so that, sometimes, I wonder if the true meaning behind a smile is still there.

It seems like a lot pf pure things in this world have lost its meanings. Can we protect them? While trying hard to find happiness, had we all pursued the wrong direction? Maybe some of the most precious and important things in life is not that hard to find? Provided, you try hard with a true heart and honest feelings. Provided, you are able to believe in the goodness of life and all it has to offer. Provided, you are able to maintain all these.

I can say that rite now, I am really happy with my life. I experienced the feeling of truly smiling lately. It has been great. But I also know that, to maintain everything I have now, or so that, it can last, I need to work hard towards it. And because this feeling is so special and .....simply beautiful, I will work hard towards it. And on this journey, I hope to find more and more smiles.

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