Saturday, July 15, 2006

In order to obtain happiness, is it a must to go through pain?

Sometimes there are people in this whorld whose pain you feel it yourself. As if it is your own pain. Feeling this, you cringe and wish for a way to help. To ease her pain. To wish her all the best.

But then, aren't these only wishes? What about action?
To know that one of your best friends is in pain, but not being able to do anything.
I finally realized how bad this feels.

The connection between 2 person are not built with time. Now I believe that it is fate. Funny as it may sound but I truly believe it now. You might have known some people all your life and yet, he or she remains a small fraction of your memory, an insignificant presence in your life.

Then there are those who you have met for less than months, and yet they shine on you. They quickly become part of your busy life, filling you with happiness, giving you something to look forward to and just.....making life so much more alive. True friends, soulmates, lover, best friends. These are all the irreplacables in life and one must be thankful to find them.

However, having someone this important also means that you will share their sadness and happiness, whether you like it or not. This is because, the bond is just too strong. While we find happiness in these people, we must be prepared to share their sadness too. Though it sounds like so much of a burden, when it happens, you will automatically do so. This is so true.

Happiness is such a blissful feeling. I have been loving every moment of my life lately. Loving it so so much, being so thankful for everything that I am starting to feel guilty for feeling so, amidst all the troubles my best friend is having. While trying to suppress my own feelings, I try to be with her more. Doing this, I sacrificed something as well. But then I think, it is worth it. I dont know whether all the times I spent with her made her feel any better. I dont know if I helped at all. I can only hope that I did.

Love is not always linked with happiness. I learnt this lately. Love always gives us a picture or happiness, gladness, joy, bliss, togetherness, warmth and hope. But then again, nothing is perfect. Love also brings selfishness, fear, insecurity, confusion, indecisiveness, conflicts, pain, tears, sadness and loneliness.

But... I still think it is worth a try. Love. You never know what you will gain from it. You might lose something in the end, but there is always a gain. This is what I believe in. And when it succeeds, the feeling is great. So great that, it is indescribable.

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