Sunday, July 2, 2006

Feelings so true yet words are needed?

I can't help feeling that as a human, I am greedy too.

I am gaining more than I expected, happiness, comfort and ......lotsa amazing memories. I found an unbelievable personality in which I can truly trust upon and feel tranquil with. I found more colours in my days and more sweet dreams at nights! Everything ......up until this moment, is just indescribable, definitely not in words.

But yet, sometimes, in an attempt to protect what we have now, to gain a moment of clarity, to determine one's own location in this vast, uncertain map, words become the one thing we hope for. The one thing we cling on as support.

Compared to feelings, I don't think words are important. It can be made up, can be moulded and can be beautified. But feelings, is the way it is and cannot be made up, nor be moulded into something it is no and true feelings can be beautified no further.

Yet, how come we still long for words so much?

Maybe we are not being greedy by wanting more than feelings and requesting for words.
Maybe, it is the sense of security and certainty we all seek for throughout our life.

Feelings don't lie.
But they can be misinterpreted, misunderstood, doubted and confusing.
That's when words come in to rescue I guess.
You might not be good with words.
But with true feelings, you don't need to be good with words.

From now on, I'll speak truly of my mind and my feelings.

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