Thursday, June 29, 2006

Just feelings alone.

You can know a person for your whole life and discover that there is no trust between you two. This is a perfectly normal phenomenon especially in today's world where materialism and fight for power is growing endlessly.

Thus, it makes it all more special to find someone you can completely trust and be comfortable with, especially when the time spent together is so short. Quality over quantity? But then again, something like trust is no object and takes so long to build but yet so easy to destroy. So, realizing that I am able to trust someone so deeply after such a short period of time is a bit, unbelievable, amazing and also, a little confusing. But then again, I wouldn't mind more of this happening!

I susprised myself a lot yesterday. It was something I had never imagined myself capable of until then. This is the first time I am feeling this way and also the first time I trusted and opened up to someone this fast. Although it is still a bit funny, it really was one of the best feelings in the world. That was when I wondered, whether up until this moment, every single thing I am sharing with that someone, is because of the feelings inside of me.

I always had a feeling I could trust him in a lot of things.
But then more than ever, this feeling of trust was confirmed yesterday.
More than ever, I am sure about my own feelings.
Glad and fuzzy.

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