Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Talking Talking Talking

Today I realized a few new things about myself and of others. Despite being 'me' for ALMOST but NOT YET 20 years, I am actually an easily-induced-to-be-shy person!

As all of you might have known, shy has never been a problem to me! Rite, Steve? But then it is funny how small and seemingly insignificant actions can make me blush so badly. Just like a chain reaction, what follows are the infamous slight scratching of my head. Stuttering for words. Blurness. Stupid unwipable smile.

And other than that, I am usually quite smart! Agree please, people. But then somehow, my smartness is downgraded to blurness (yet again!), slowness, dumbness and embarassment. Probably this is due to the overpowerment of other external factors which are worth mentioning, but better kept inside! Hm, I'll definitely find a way to overcome it.

Eventhough, feeling blurred, at times shy, occasionally scared, somehow stupid-looking and being slightly teased, the hours can fly by real quickly. This is because there are other things that overshadows all these. Maybe the word 'happy' sums up everything?

Talking. Talking. Talking.
Might be just meaningless random topics.
Occasional doses of honesty and opening up.
Majority of teasing and me playing victim.
Grins, smiles, smirks, laughs.

I guess what makes me 'happy' is very simple.

The feeling of knowing someone better and enjoying every moment of the process while liking the result more.

Writing enables me to truly convey everything in my mind without any obstructions or being held back. That's why I love blogging. Hm, but then the word 'blog' somehow became a sorta taboo word for me, as of tonight. Whatever it is, I'm gonna blog everything here! Not scared of taboo~

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