Friday, June 2, 2006


I am experiencing happiness, giggles, surprises and dreaminess lately. And though it feels confusing and troubling sometimes, the feeling is great and is what I have not experienced in a long time. Somehow, it just fills the emptiness of everyday life where everything passes you by and without much notice, you are lying on your bed, with a feeling of nothingness. At least now, when lying on my bed, there is something for me to think about and smile of.

Hoping that things will solidify into something I can grasp with my hands, I keep hoping that what I see now is not transient but something I can hold on till the end of time. It is pretty naive to think of such happiness to last that long, but then is hoping wrong? Without hoping so, where is the heart and determination to realize it?

I wish days like this will last forever. Actually, I wish days like this will solidify and thus, last forever.

Simple happenings such as the arrival of a short message, a 2 hour MSN chat, a simple smile, some meaningless teasing, flooding thoughts of sweetness, the anticipation to (finally) meet and the warmness you are reminded of when you sleep at night. These things are so so simple. But yet, so meaningful to me. And the happiness it brings, is unimaginable.

Now, I just hope the second (finally!) meeting will be a good one, and please don't make me mess this up!

With the exams approaching I guess a lot of people are stressed but then please don't ever dwelve in it. Just like quicksand, stress pulls you into more sorrow and depression. No matter how hard it is, try to see it as a very momentary feeling and problem. After all, every stressful perios has its end and with its end, is a new begining of fun and laughter (holidays!). So, while stress is evil, it makes the subsequent reward, much more tastier!

All the best to all these lovely friends of mine who'll be having exams with me! Let's greet each other with good news as soon as possible!

LAtely I am really into B'z, honestly I think the singer (Koshi Inaba)'s voice is really special and versatile! I found one of his solo works, Suiheisen on youtube and has been addicted to it since then! It is so calming. And in terms of versatality, try listening to B'z's Banzai! He's like super energetic! Almost can match with my TERU. Almost~ TERU's still no. 1~

Suiheisen - Koshi Inaba - check out the transaltions for the lyrics too.
Banzai - B'z - super SYOK song!
Ocean - B'z - very nice as well~

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