Friday, June 9, 2006

It is not that far

Hm... while it is only 2 hours of flight away only. Within the same country. With lots of wireless communication access. Somehow, it feels like verything is so far away.

Although now that I am once again reuniting with some of the closest of my family members here and laughing and joking. Somehow, it feels like some of my closest person are far away.

Eventhough, it had only been a day, actually not even 24 hours. Somehow it felt like it had been quite long already.

Some things are not near to me rite now. Somehow, it feels like there are hints, glimpses and images of them everywhere.

Sometimes it feels like I am on some drugs or something. Hm, addictive drug that fills my everyday and mind. Making me so much more addicted to my handphone and stuff. Guess this is the drug which can cure all? Making you geram, happy, dumbfounded, blur and at times, stupid, often in the course of a few hours!

I'm in Brisbane now, is it that far?

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