Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Waiting , Anticipating

It has been so so so so so long. But then finally, the day has come and in about 14 hours' time, I might be teased again. For my hair? My height? Or is there something new? But I don't think
I'll mind! Maybe I have been waiting for it?

Somehow, meeting someone in person is so different from communicating through electronic devices. No matter how close the technology can make you feel, it is different when you see that person right in front of u. To be able to see every crease on their smiling face, the clearness of their eyes, the flickering of their shadow on the empty walls and the warmth of just having them around you. Can technology ever replace that?

Even if it can in the future, it will only be artificial, I guess?

It is funny how someone can occupy your mind that much. When every little thing, actions, object or ....just whatever, reminds you of him or her. When you start stoning with a smile on ur face. When a simple sms or a call, makes u glow. When things go wrong, but u think it'll be fine.

When you are happy.

Can't wait to feel happier tomorrow! Can't wait to feel happier, always n always.

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