Monday, June 19, 2006

Decoding No. 1

"To be able to be honest. To be able to have endless chats. To feel happiness. All the unbelievable things."

No mater how tough this 2 days is gonna be, I really wanna pull myself together and do the best! But it is really bad when almost all your buddies are done with their torture and you are the only one still in this cruel captivation! Furthermore, yesterday's torture was really really a painful one. Lost 2 Qs! The first time I didn't finish a paper! This is so frustrating.

But then again, optimistic as I am, I think things will be alright! Afterall, bad things never happen all at once! In the mean time, good things do happen.

Last night was great after the huge disappointment with SCI3090. I found out some really nice things that happened without me realizing before this and seriously, it touched my heart. It made me feel so fuzzy inside and happy.

This led me to go and read back all my previous Friendster testimonials and reminded me of all those funny and much-missed times I had! The top 5 memories:

1) When Wan Ru commented that I looked like an ------ in Samuel & Kelvin.
2) Red Box marathon with Chew Bee & co.
3) Badminton then chicken wings with Steve, Choo, Ting, Loong and co.
4) Being taunted for not being able to defeat Ursula in Kingdom Hearts by my sis.
5) Being teased for gaining weight by all of u!

Now that I think of it, it has already been about 4 months since all those happened. I wonder why everything seem so distant rite now. Reading the testimonials seriously made me laugh and miss our times together. Sometimes I really hope that all of my loved ones can cluster in one place and not dispersed throughout the world like it is now. This is a selfish thought, but nevertheless, a tiny impossible dream of mine.

I think only memories can keep our bond strong?
Although memories cannot be seen nor touched, it is strong.
Although electronic communication devices are not abstract, being connected by pure wyres and electricity, means nothing.

I wish.

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